LG’s new home entertainment range is at the forefront of innovation

LG Electronics, a Global leader in consumer electronics recently hosted its LG Showcase MEA 2024 at the Conrad Hotel in Abu Dhabi. With the overarching theme of ‘Reinventing Together’, the event focused on showcasing the latest innovations and expanding stakeholder relationships. The event hosted more than 500 esteemed guests and provided hands-on experience with the latest products.

A key area of ​​focus during the show was LG’s range of home entertainment products, which range from televisions to audio and gaming products.

Commenting on the event, Il Hwan Lee, CEO of LG MEA region, said: “We design every product with the aim of improving the daily lives of our customers. This LG Showcase MEA 2024 event is a testament to this commitment and we are proud to be showcasing our flagship products today. Each of these home entertainment products is designed with practical innovations while putting customer demands first, which aligns with our purpose to create a better life by improving everyone’s entertainment experience and the interior of their home.”

At the event, LG brought the latest innovations in OLED technology to the region, including the flagship 97-inch LG Signature OLED M, the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology, which enables the transmission of 4K video and allows audio wirelessly (with video at 120 Hz). This iconic feature solves all cable management nightmares and declutters your space by keeping all devices plugged into the Zero Connect Box and away from the TV.

The event also featured LG’s innovative StanbyME Go, a 27-inch full-HD smart display with a unique carrying case design, making it easy for users to take it on the go. Mobility is taken into account with its unique design and a built-in battery that lasts up to three hours of screen time. It comes with several connectivity options such as wireless mirroring and NFC, which can be activated with a simple tap. The screen itself also rotates, giving users the choice of a vertical or horizontal orientation.

LG webOS

In addition to the streaming options, the screen is also ideal for listening to music with the turntable skin or playing chess with the pre-installed chess game. Customers can also operate the unit via voice control, even remotely. The unique design of the StanByME Go promises improved durability, protecting the screen against impacts, temperature fluctuations, low pressure, dust, salt fog and vibration.

At the event, LG also showcased its latest LG webOS software, which brings a completely revamped home screen to the table with wider title cards and smoother tiles for categories like Game, Music and Home Office. The smart operating system is now celebrating its tenth anniversarye anniversary, has expanded to 300 TV brands and 3,500 content partners, including local partners, and is actively growing its user base by 20 times in the MEA region.

For more information about LG’s product range, visit www.lg.com

LG also demonstrated its new α (Alpha) 11 processor that will be used in its flagship TVs, a processor that will deliver powerful AI capabilities and improve the overall viewing experience. Four times more powerful than its predecessor, this new processor refines brightness, color and sharpness, delivering a 70% improvement in graphics performance and 30% faster processing speed.

LG also showed off its range of XBOOM speakers. These deliver bold and loud sounds with strong bass and massive sound. For example, the LG XBOOM XL9T, the most powerful party speaker in its class, produces an immense 1,000W sound with a booming base and treble. In addition, the pixel art and multi-colored ring lighting provide an extra festive touch.

The smaller variant, the LG XBOOM XL5S, offers 200W of power for powerful party music, complete with the series’ iconic party lights. Among these audio products, LG presented its portable speakers, such as the XBOOM Go XG8T, with a 120W speaker and a battery life of 15 hours. This on-the-go speaker not only provides powerful sound, but can also further amplify the sound and liven up the party with the studio light function.

Also on display were the LG XBOOM Go It also has an IP67 rating, making it the perfect outdoor musical companion.

In addition, LG presented the LG TONE Fit TF7, which mainly focuses on comfort, convenience and immersive sound. The LG TONE Fit TF7 offers a superior fit for fitness enthusiasts, allowing customers to focus solely on their workout without any distractions. Featuring a patent-pending skirt-shaped hook, these earbuds provide optimized fit and usability for a variety of outdoor activities. In addition to superior sound quality, these earbuds also focus on health, with the UVnano technology integrated into the earbud holder actively cleaning the eargel surfaces, creating a more hygienic listening experience.

LG Electronics also presented the LG CineBeam Q, the long-awaited, stylish and smallest portable 4K projector. This powerful 4K laser projector not only delivers stunning image quality, but also a range of streaming functions, while its minimalist design blends in with any interior.

This was all complemented by LG’s innovations in monitors, with the new LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitor and LG MyView Smart Monitor.

The latest range of LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitors is a true testament to LG’s commitment to the gaming industry. Available in 32-inch (model 32GS95UE), 34-inch (model 34GS95QE) and 45-inch (model 45GS95QE) sizes, these OLED gaming monitors represent the pinnacle of gaming displays, delivering a truly immersive experience.

The new 32GS95UE, the world’s first VESA-certified Dual Mode gaming monitor, capable of switching between 4K (3,840×2,160) up to 240Hz and Full-HD (1,920×1,080) up to 480Hz with a simple click. It also comes with a range of other features, such as LG’s Pixel Sound technology, which projects sound directly from the screen using vibrating film components built into the monitor itself.

LG MyView

Meanwhile, the event showcased the LG MyView Smart Monitor, a must-have for productivity and entertainment even without having to connect to a PC. These smart monitors are available in sizes 27 inches with FHD and 32 inches with 4K resolution and feature LG’s webOS software, along with support for AirPlay 2, ScreenShare and Bluetooth. Designed for multitasking, this monitor allows you to do your daily work, control gadgets around your home, and even stream your favorite content, all from one screen. Furthermore, the 27SR50F is available in four color options to suit different tastes and fit seamlessly into any interior1.

Additionally, LG unveiled the LG MAGNIT (model LSAL006), a stunning 118-inch 4K micro-LED display. Delivering unparalleled picture quality thanks to brilliant micro-LED technology, LG MAGNIT allows customers to enjoy a full viewing experience in the comfort of their own space, both personally and professionally.

For more information about LG’s product range, visit www.lg.com.