Debut exhibition at the CKM in Istanbul highlights the talents of 3 independent artists

Aydan Engin, Semiha Kale and Serpil Uysal, three independent artists, recently made their debut in the art world with their first exhibition, which opened at the Caddebostan Cultural Center (CKM). Coming from different backgrounds and united by their passion for art, these three art lovers, who still call themselves ‘students’ in the field, have joined forces to present their collective works.

An oil painting by Serpil Uyar, Istanbul, Türkiye, May 8, 2024. (Photo by Buse Keskin)

“Then came watercolors, but the beauty of oil paint is very different. Mixing colors, their integration and flow are much easier with oil paint. The only disadvantage is that it dries very slowly, which can be frustrating. In my few After my years of practical experience, grapes and stones are my favorite subjects. My family owns grape vineyards there. I love creating them.

An oil painting by Serpil Uyar, Istanbul, Türkiye, May 8, 2024. (Photo by Buse Keskin)

“The geometry of stones also fascinates me. I wanted to highlight these two topics that I like to work on here. This is obviously our first exhibition, so there are some new elements. Over the years we will produce more and more prolific pieces,” added them to it.

Therefore, it is often possible to see stones, grapes and tranquil natural landscapes in Uysal’s works.

An oil painting by Semiha Kale, Istanbul, Türkiye, May 8, 2024. (Photo by Buse Keskin)

On the one hand, Semiha Kale stands out in her works with realistic techniques and very detailed drawings. Especially in her painting, which depicts a photo taken with her grandchild in a sunflower field, the harmony of colors and realistic elements is truly remarkable.

“Since I usually draw using the realism technique, details are very important to me. I go over every detail meticulously. In photo editing, I also change elements that I don’t like and add details from other photos instead,” says she added.

An oil painting by Aydan Engin, Istanbul, Türkiye, May 8, 2024. (Photo by Buse Keskin)

Aydan Engin attracts attention with her black and white oil paintings, in which she uses a rather unconventional working method.

“My drawings are mostly adaptations of photographs. I really appreciate working in black and white. Doing it with oil paint is a completely different experience,” she said.