What will Leyla do now?

At the the end of Thanks, next Season 1, Leyla suffered another romantic tragedy. Despite having trust issues with Cem, whose only apparent crime was having too many ex-wives, she also discovers that her husband-to-be, Ömer, has been cheating on her along with her ex in a complex web of lies. But what does this mean for season 2? It can only mean four options, so I’ve split them up.

Option 1 – Continue marrying Ömer

This one would make the least sense in season 2, unless there’s another formidable twist yet to be discovered. It’s not entirely possible that we’ve only been given skewed perspectives. Ömer might have a perspective he doesn’t yet share. However, it seemed pretty clear that he was playing games with his relationship with Leyla while holding onto his ex-girlfriend. It doesn’t seem like he’s been completely honest.

Option 2 – Continue to pursue romance with Cem

While I understood why Leyla was hurt at the end of season 1, I have to be honest: my sympathy for her waned as she struggled with her desires with Cem. If Ömer had been fully aware of Leyla’s continued desires for Cem and their history, I highly doubt he would have wanted to marry her in the first place. It feels like Leyla and Ömer are just as bad as each other at this stage of their lives.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Leyla continues her romance with Cem. The only downside to all this, however, is that he is accepted as a narcissist, at least by one of his ex-wives. However, towards the end of season 1, viewers were forced to tear Cem apart. He may have been unlucky in love, and he is not constantly looking for his next woman. That was the angle the series was aiming for.

But there is a risk: if Leyla gives Cem a chance Thanks, next Season 2 and then get hurt by him, then that’s a risk that, in retrospect, isn’t worth taking.

Hakan Kurats as Cem in Thank You, Next (Credit – Netflix)

Option 3 – Sarp

This theory is way off, but what if Sarp was the dark horse for Leyla’s future all along? He admitted that he was in love with her at the end of season 1. However, this option would feel too far-fetched considering Sarp is married and has a child on the way. Leyla also has a close relationship with his wife, so it feels too complicated. I also feel like Leyla only has platonic feelings for Sarp.

If the Netflix series wanted to make things interesting, this would be a sensational route in season 2.

Option 4 – Stay single

I hate to say it, but perhaps Leyla would be better off single as part of the premise for season 2. Her relationship with her first love continues to fail; Cem is a significant risk and Sarp is a no-go. Sometimes you have to take the L and move on. And maybe season 2 could focus on her single life and eventually meeting a fourth lover who doesn’t fiddle with the bag.

I’d like to know what my readers think: where would you like to see Leyla’s love life go? Thanks next Season 2? Join the discussion below.