Port of Halifax welcomes new gantry cranes

The Port of Halifax has welcomed the first four of its eight electric ships Portal with rubber tires cranes (E-RTG) to the Atlantic Hub of terminal operator PSA Halifax.

The cranes are expected to increase yard handling capacity at Atlantic Hub by approximately 25 percent.

In conversation with our host partner for SDP North America 2023: the Port of Halifax

The arrival is part of PSA Halifax’s investments in the port’s container terminals to improve productivity and reduce maintenance downtime compared to traditional diesel equipment.

Electrifying equipment is part of the port’s sustainability commitment, including port decarbonization efforts by key port partners such as PSA Halifax, and throughout the supply chain.

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PSA Halifax said each E-RTG is expected to eliminate approximately 1.5 kilotonnes (kT) of CO2e, or a 15.6 percent reduction compared to a diesel-powered RTG on an annual basis.

A total of eight new cranes will be added to PSA Atlantic Hub, with the final batch of four arriving later this year.

Last November, the Halifax Port Authority (HPA) and project partners were recognized at the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) Sustainability Awards in the ‘digitalization’ category.