What could Bodkin season 2 be about if Netflix decides to renew?

You can’t solve a mystery twice, which is the main obstacle standing in your way Bodkin Season 2. The end of the first season seemed to tie up all the loose ends, but did it? The truth may have been revealed about the disappearances that drew Gilbert, Emmy and Dove to the fictional town of West Cork in the first place, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be another mystery that brings the three of them back together. .

Bodkin needs a new mystery

The main obstacle that prevents this Netflix of immediately renewing the series will be the fact that it has the title Bodkinmeaning it not only needs a new mystery to warrant a second season, but also a mystery that somehow ties back to the same small Irish town.

Of course, almost everyone in Bodkin is eccentric, and many complex family relationships and secrets are shared among the townspeople. But a lot of this was covered in Season 1, and you’d be hard-pressed to come up with something fresh that still felt connected to the setting.

This is especially problematic since the three main characters all left town at the end of season 1 for different reasons.

Did Seamus survive?

The only ambiguous aspect of the season 1 finale was whether Seamus survived after detonating the explosives at the Samhain festival. His body was not discovered on the beach and his death was not confirmed.

However, it was suggested that the McArdles had overtaken him, which in many ways is as good as a death sentence.

Seamus’ survival is interesting to think about, but it can’t justify an entire season. Most of the interesting things about Seamus – his real identity, the eel smuggling operation, his relationship with Sean and his rivalry with the McArdles – were covered in Season 1. What’s left? Even if Seamus were alive, it’s unlikely he could be the focus of several new episodes.

Bodkin Season 2 needs Gilbert, Emmy and Dove to return

The main strength of Bodkinas I have emphasized in my judgement, was the relationship between the three main characters. As mentioned above, all three left town at the end of season 1, so season 2 would have to figure out a way to get them back together.

This wouldn’t be impossible. Gilbert quit podcasting and even went so far as to throw his audio recorder into the river as a symbolic gesture of leaving the story alone rather than trying to profit from it. But this won’t be an immediate solution to Gilbert’s problems, and his obsession with success won’t disappear overnight. He could easily end up in another story.

Emmy is even easier because she now has the job of Dove’s former investigative journalist The guard. It is now her professional responsibility to investigate matters.

And Dove, despite having returned to the convent of her youth, is still relatively local. I think the main impetus for her return would be her potential romantic connection with Gilbert, which became apparent when she thought he was dead in the explosion. This would make sense as a way to reluctantly bring her back into the fold, and perhaps some professional jealousy over Emmy now occupying her previous position would create an intriguing new dynamic.

Bodkin’s future remains unclear

Anyway, this is all speculation. Netflix has not been renewed Bodkin at the time of writing for a second season, and it will likely be several weeks before the streaming giant makes a decision either way.

Even though the first season doesn’t really lend itself to a sequel, greed will always win, and Bodkin has been a hit with both critics and, more importantly, audiences. The audience of 71% scores on Rotten tomatoes and the fact that the show has risen to second place on Netflix’s most-watched charts, second only to Baby reindeersuggests it will be something Netflix will be keeping a close eye on in the coming weeks.

What would you like to see in it? Bodkin Season 2? Do you think the show has run its course, or is there more to come? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.