Raja Kumari Reveals Sidhu Moosewala Wanted Her to Sing in Punjabi: ‘He Thought My Voice Would Sound Very Good’

American hip-hop artist Raja Kumari gets closer to Indian music with every collaboration. After singing Shah Rukh Khan’s title track Jawanshe now sang in Punjabi for the first time with Guru Randhawa’s recently released song In love.

Raja Kumari collaborated with Sidhu Moosewala for their song Us

“This is very exciting because with Punjabi music it has been a very personal journey,” says Kumari, who had collaborated with late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala in 2021 on a song titled Us. The Punjabi song featured an English rap piece written by Moosewala and sung by Kumari.

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“I had a very unique relationship with Sidhu where he really inspired me. We were going to do a second song and he said to me, ‘Oh, I’d like to hear you sing in Punjabi.’ He thought my voice would fit really well and sound good in Punjabi,” reveals Kumari, adding, “And when he passed away, I didn’t know when I would ever get a chance to sing in Punjabi.” Moosewala was shot dead by unknown assailants in May 2022.

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Kumari, who comes from a Telugu family and grew up in the US, is completely in awe of the language, and she is thrilled that she finally got to sing in Punjabi. Her latest song with Randhawa, titled In Love, talks about a man in love with a powerful woman, something Kumari says resonates with her.

“My perspective and experience comes from the fact that most of the songs I’ve done before are about victory, anthems, and songs with bad bi*ch vibes. But this love song really gave me the space to be myself and find my femininity within myself,” says the hip-hop artist, who has collaborated with international stars such as Gwen Stephani and John Legend.

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Drawing a comparison with hip-hop as a genre, Kumari talks about Punjabi music and says, “It allows men to express their deep love for their women, something that is quite lacking in hip-hop. With these collaborations, this is the part that I really enjoy experiencing. I felt so connected to the song. I really enjoyed writing it with Guru and then singing it.

Kumari is grateful that Guru has given her all the space and scope to not only learn the language but also experiment a lot with it. “He’s like a machine; everything that comes out of his mouth is perfectly crafted and so much fun. He has a great writing style. I told him I wanted to try something new that would allow me to push myself. I loved how he was able to capture my personality in Punjabi lyrics. He gave me really spicy lyrics and the song is right where I am. I want to be celebrated, I wanted to have fun with my femininity,” she concludes.