Britain weather: Brits are in for a wet and cloudy week as temperatures drop after a mini heatwave

Several miles of rain will fall in several places this morning, with Britain set for a soggy start to Tuesday morning and many major cities heading for a deluge.

There is rain this morning(FATHER)

Temperatures are set to drop this morning as millions of Britons face a wet start as rain moves north during the day.

A huge wall of water stretching virtually across the country is set to hit this morning, with up to 6mm of rain expected to fall every hour. Although there is no weather warning, cities such as Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Manchester are facing a deluge today.

The rain is left over from last night. The Met Office warned: “A wet start for most on Tuesday as rain moves north-east.

“Mostly dry and clear in the far north, with clear spells and showers in southern and western areas. Elsewhere cloudy with periods of rain, becoming heavy in some places.

“Dryer and brighter for some, with sunny spells and showers. Feeling cool under a cloudy sky.”

Despite the forecast rain, temperatures are expected to remain in the double figures, with temperatures reaching 19 degrees Celsius in some places in the south. The mercury also remained in double figures last night.

For Wednesday to Friday it said: “It will remain changeable with a mix of sunshine and showers. The showers are occasionally heavy, with occasional longer periods of rain. Temperatures are dropping closer to average again.”

Today a huge wall of water will fall over Britain(WITH OFFICE)

As of last night there were two flood warnings in force – both for the River Ax in Devon – and 33 flood warnings. The rain looks all the more terrifying as part of the Met Office’s weather map for Tuesday morning. The rain will stretch from Dover in Kent to Tobermory in Scotland – a distance of around 750 miles – and is expected to fall in many of Britain’s biggest cities, including Manchester, Birmingham and London, with rain moving in from the south-west sweeps through the country.