SharpEagle launches Safe Zone Corner Guard for blind corners

SharpEagle launches Safe Zone Corner Guard for safety in blind corners

SharpEagle launches Safe Zone Corner Guard for safety in blind corners

(Dubai, UAE) – SharpEagle Technology, a leader in innovative safety solutions for industrial operations, is proud to announce the launch of the Safe Zone Corner Guard, a breakthrough device designed to prevent collisions and improve safety in blind corners in industrial environments. improve.

The Safe Zone Corner Guard is equipped with advanced motion detection technology that activates visual and audio alerts when motion is detected from either direction, making it an essential tool for areas with limited visibility. The unique audio alert system has a clear pitch that cuts through ambient noise, ensuring clear and effective warnings. Users can adjust the audio settings, adjust the volume or turn it off if necessary, while the synchronized flash of light amplifies the warning signals.

Our new Safe Zone Corner Guard is a testament to SharpEagle’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge safety technology that meets the real-world needs of industrial workplaces at SharpEagle Technology. “With this device we want to significantly reduce the risk of accidents in blind corners and thus improve the overall safety of workers and machines.

Key features of the Safe Zone corner protector:

Improving workplace safety: Through the use of advanced motion sensors and warning lights, the device provides comprehensive safety coverage in blind spots.

Optimal placement of sensors and warning lights: Strategically designed to detect any movement within 6-8 meters (20-25 feet) in any direction, providing timely warnings before possible collisions.

Low Battery Indication: Equipped with an indicator that ensures the device is always operational, minimizing downtime and maintenance needs.

Safe and Stable Mounting: Designed for easy, secure mounting that remains stable under industrial conditions, ensuring consistent performance.

Plug-and-Play functionality: Designed for ease of installation with minimal setup requirements, making it an ideal solution for fast-paced industrial environments.

Long-lasting battery power: The device runs on a battery that lasts for several years and provides a durable safety solution without frequent replacements.

The device’s simple click installation makes it a practical addition to any industrial environment looking to improve safety protocols without extensive modification.

The Safe Zone Corner Guard is now available for industries looking to improve their safety measures. It is especially suitable for warehouses, factories and all facilities where heavy machinery is used.

About SharpEagle Technology
SharpEagle Technology specializes in safety solutions for the industrial sector, focusing on innovative technologies that prevent accidents and improve operational efficiency. With a range of products designed to address specific industrial safety challenges, SharpEagle is committed to helping companies protect their most valuable assets: their employees.

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