Synechron acquires Melbourne-based iGreenData and expands digital reach

Synechrona leading global consultancy specializing in digital transformation for financial services and technology companies, has announced the acquisition of iGreenData. iGreenData is a contemporary digital solutions provider with a strong focus on data, with headquarters in Melbourne and an additional office in India, where Synechron has a significant presence. The company’s core strengths lie in cloud-based data solutions and digital technology. iGreenData has a diverse client base, including major players in the banking and financial industries, and excels in areas such as full-stack development, DevOps, cloud computing, data engineering, automation and blockchain technology.

This acquisition strengthens Synechron’s position as a leader in digital transformation by merging their flexible, innovative methods with iGreenData’s expertise in cloud technology and efficient data engineering practices. This integration enhances Synechron’s payments capabilities, enabling the delivery of customized solutions that deliver significant business results while adequately addressing the evolving needs of their customers. In addition, the acquisition expands Synechron’s global footprint. Taking advantage of Australia’s strategic location, Synechron can now provide continuous support across different time zones in Asia, America and Europe.

Faisal Husain, co-founder and CEO of Synechron, said: “We are pleased to welcome iGreenData to the Synechron family. This acquisition will enable us to further deepen our technological strength in payments and expand our footprint in the Australian market Together we will leverage our combined expertise in digital transformation and innovation to deliver value-added solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Max Sundaram, co-founder and CEO of iGreenData, said: “We are very excited to join the Synechron team. With their global reach and our shared commitment to excellence, we are well positioned to deliver best-in-class transformative digital experiences”.

At Synechron, we are strong advocates of leveraging digital capabilities to drive positive transformations in businesses. As a global consultancy, we combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to provide the highest level of digital solutions. The innovative technologies and optimization approaches cover a broad spectrum, including artificial intelligence, consulting, digital transformation, cloud and DevOps, data management and software engineering. Synechron serves a diverse customer base of leading financial services and technology companies. Continually innovate and develop solutions for modernization through FinLabs research and development initiatives. From artificial intelligence and blockchain to data science models, digital adoption, mobile-first applications and much more, Synechron strives to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.