The Chennai-based artist is getting a taste of coffee painting and holding a workshop in the city

CHENNAI: Creating a work of art with acrylic, watercolor, oil and spray is common. Have you ever heard of coffee painting?

This innovative painting technique is centuries old and is said to have its origins in Europe.

In Western countries, people used coffee paintings to give their artwork a vintage look.

This unique type of painting is well known in Chennai but still needs more awareness among the people.

Artist Shri Gaayathri is all set to conduct a coffee painting workshop. ā€œI learned about coffee painting while casually scrolling through Instagram. Using just coffee powder and water to create different layers of gradients fascinated me to explore this further. That’s why I took a coffee painting course,ā€ says the Chennai-based artist.

After a long hiatus, Gaayathri’s artistic journey resumed during the Covid lockdown and she started practicing different types of art besides painting. She has conducted several workshops on lip pan art, mandala and much more.

In this coffee painting workshop, which is open to all age groups, people will learn about the do’s and don’ts of coffee painting, understand the basic principles and also create a beautiful landscape using different color gradients. Certificates will also be awarded to the participants.

The coffee painting workshop will be held on May 18 from 10am to 12pm at the Board Room, Mylapore.