Ayvens launches Ayvens Automarkt | Ayvens

Ayvens announces that it has launched Ayvens Carmarket, its new used car remarketing platform for professional car traders and dealers. One of the most powerful platforms in the world, Ayvens Carmarket, sells high-quality used vehicles in 38 countries through Ayvens’ full-service leasing activity, which represents 3.4 million vehicles from multiple brands, through an integrated transaction platform for international and local automotive professionals. The Group’s remarketing activities are positioned under the new global mobility brand Ayvens, to reaffirm the integral role they play in supporting the Group’s business model by selling vehicles as they come off lease and contributing to the development strategy.

With an ongoing selection of thousands of used vehicles, the new brand market leverages the scale, capabilities and expertise of the company’s existing platform, ALD Carmarket, and its highly successful 15-year track record. Professional buyers can seamlessly access Ayvens’ extensive ex-lease inventory, including a growing range of electric vehicles1, through online auctions, cross-border bucketing features across multiple regions and digital sales. With a vehicle sold every minute, all vehicles are professionally assessed and available with detailed descriptions, traceability, usage and maintenance records for quality assurance. Ayvens traded the majority of the half million used vehicles2 sold in 2023 through its own online platform.

The new claim, “Better cars, everywhere”, fully supports Ayvens Carmarket’s ambition to be the most sustainable global used car market, making it easier for customers around the world to access more sustainable vehicles of superior quality , including an increasing range of used electric vehicles. from the company inventory of maintained vehicles.

“Ayvens Carmarket fully illustrates Ayvens’ mission to promote sustainable mobility in our sector, as it promotes the circular economy by extending the lifespan of vehicles and recycling them,” confirms Guillaume de Léobardy, Chief Remarketing Officer at Ayvens.