Openly fascist Blue-Black Movement re-registers with the party register | Yle news

The Finnish Supreme Court removed the movement from the register last month after ruling that the party’s goals were unconstitutional.

The logo of the Blue-Black Movement on a flag.

The Blue-Black Movement was founded in January 2021 by disgruntled ethnonationalist former members of the Finnish Party. Image: Hannu Vähämäki / Yle

The Blue and Black Movement has submitted an application to be re-registered as a political party.

The Finnish Supreme Court removed the openly fascist and racist movement from the register of political parties last month.

“The court ruled that the party’s objectives are incompatible with constitutional and human rights, and with democratic principles,” the ruling said at the time.

In a press release, the movement said it is also in the process of collecting the required 5,000 signatures in support of its renewed application.

The movement was founded in January 2021 by disaffected ethnonationalist former members of the Party of Finland and registered as a party in June 2022 after two failed attempts due to its party manifesto.

However, despite initially accepting the party’s application, the Justice Department last year applied to the Supreme Court to have the movement struck from the register on the grounds that it had “deliberately misled” ministerial officials.

“The decision to register the party had been a mistake and the public interest requires that it be withdrawn,” the court said.

In last year’s parliamentary elections, the party received the support of 0.1 percent of voters. In June 2023, the party’s leader said, Tuukka Kuruwas convicted of incitement to hatred due to an anti-Semitic tweet.

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