Edgar Wright Lined Up to Direct Sydney Sweeney in ‘Barbarella’ Remake

She’s undoubtedly one of the buzz names in Hollywood right now, thanks to turns in ‘Immaculate’ and the downright panned ‘Madame Web’ – but Sydney Sweeney’s passion project is starting to take shape.

Sweeney was announced back in 2022 as the star of Sony’s upcoming ‘Barbarella’ remake, but until now further details have been vague.

However, it has been revealed that none other than Edgar Wright is in talks to direct the film, while Jane Goldman and Honey Ross – also known as Jonathan Ross’ wife and daughter – are in talks to write the script. Goldman is, of course, a long-standing screenwriter.

The original ‘Barbarella’ was released in 1968 and the science fiction film starred Jane Fonda as the titular heroine who is a space traveler on a mission to track down a scientist, Durand Durand, who has a weapon that can destroy humanity .

Wright, meanwhile, is directing an adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’, but is best known for films such as ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Baby Driver’.

In an earlier interview, Sweeney acknowledged the commercial failure of “Madame Web,” saying it led her to “Barbarella.”

“For me, that film was a building block, allowing me to build a relationship with Sony,” she said. “Without doing ‘Madame Web,’ I wouldn’t have a relationship with the decision makers there. Everything in my career I do not only for that story, but also for strategic business decisions. Because I did that, I was able to sell “Anyone But You.” I could get ‘Barbarella.'”