UK tourists who ditch France for Spain holiday can reduce £84 bill to £1.50

UK tourists have been warned about a whopping £84 charge if they’re visiting France. France is one of many European Union nations to introduce a tourist tax, with British holidaymakers warned about a £12 per night charge if they’re visiting.

Michael Corrigan, CEO of Trtl Travel, warned UK holidaymakers ahead of the spring and summer getaway season: “Before you book your stay, do a quick check to see if your destination charges a tourist tax. This will help you know exactly what extra costs you’ll be expected to pay, which means you won’t be caught short.

“Once you know the rate – whether it’s a percentage or a flat fee per night – add it up for the total amount of nights you’ll be staying. For example, if the tax is €2 (or £1.70) per night and you’re staying a total of five nights, that’s an extra €10 (£8.60) you’ll have to find per person.”

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The destination with the lowest tourist tax rate is Spain, with visitors charged as little as 21p per night they stay – working out at just £1.50. But UK tourists in France have been warned the most lavish holiday resorts have an additional nightly charge of £12.80.

That works out at £84 for a seven-night break. The top ten include Spain – 21p to £3 followed by France – 56p to £12.80 and Croatia – 86p – in second and third place. In fourth place was Italy – 86p to £5.99 while Austria – 3.2 per cent of accommodation costs – rounded off the top five.

Elsewhere on the list was Hungary – four per cent of accommodation costs – and also Germany – five per cent of accommodation costs. Bulgaria – £1.30 – was ranked eighth in the list, ahead of Greece – £1.28 to £8.56 and in tenth spot Malaysia – £1.67.