Police find ‘countless’ drugs, fake IDs and weapons during a search warrant

Two people have been charged after police found a “large number” of illegal drugs, firearms, a “worrying amount of ammunition” and fake ID cards in Auckland’s CBD this morning.

When officers made the discovery, they were looking for a man and a woman who had outstanding arrest warrants.

“Due to the nature of the investigation, there was a specialist police presence at the address, including police from the Armed Offenders Squad,” Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Armstrong said.

“A subsequent search of the address, during which the assistance of a sniffer dog was called in, revealed a number of illegal objects.”

Armstrong said two firearms; a “concerning quantity of ammunition, including more than 70 rounds of ammunition and more than 10 shotgun shells”; cash; 66 grams of cannabis; 180 grams of methamphetamine; and 132 grams of cocaine was “just the beginning of the numerous items” seized from the home.

Police also found six altered ID cards, including suspected fake driver’s licenses and a fake firearms certificate.

A firearm found during a search in Auckland's CBD.

He said the pair, who had outstanding arrest warrants for drug and firearms offences, were taken into custody “without further incident”.

A third person found at the house was arrested but released “without incident” a short time later.

“This was a major sting for police who originally executed a search warrant to locate the couple,” Armstrong said.

A 31-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man appeared in the Auckland District Court today charged with possession for the purpose of supplying methamphetamine, cocaine and cannabis; as well as charges relating to the unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

The man also had to appear in court again on charges of forgery.

Police opposed their bail and the pair were due back in court in due course.