Vishnu Manchu’s ‘Kannappa’ teaser set to be unveiled at Cannes 2024

One of Vishnu Manchu’s biggest films to date, ‘Kannappa’, is all set to release soon. The pan-India picture, which features the actor in a larger-than-life avatar and stars a number of celebrities from other film industries, has attracted a lot of interest. Vishnu Manchu announced on Monday, May 13, that the trailer of the film would be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2024.

The “Kannappa” Teaser will be released in Cannes 2024

Previously on May 13, today. Vishnu Manchu said on Instagram that the official teaser for his magnum opus, “Kannappa”, will be unveiled on May 20 at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. To further stimulate fan interest, he also unveiled a new movie poster.

Lord Shiva’s devotee Kannappa is played by Vishnu Manchu in the film. It is expected that it would explore his journey and encounters with different personalities.

Regarding “Kanappa”

‘Kannappa’ is being billed as a game-changer for the Telugu film industry. It features Vishnu Manchu in the title role and brings together top stars from various film industries. The cast includes top names like Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar and Sarathkumar. Prabhas and Akshay Kumar are also part of the film. The buzz is that ‘Darling’ will be seen as Nandeeshwarudhu in the biggie. ‘Akki’, on the other hand, would play Lord Shiva in the pan-Indian film. However, there is no official confirmation about this. Vishnu Manchu recently asked fans to abstain from entertainment. However, he confirmed that Prabhas chose a different role than the one he was originally considered for

Produced by “Collection King” Mohan Babu, “Kannappa” is directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh. Stephen Devassy and Mani Sharma are the composers of the song. At an unspecified time, “Kannappa” will have a voiceover and be released in a number of languages.

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