Beautiful May weather with some rain showers this week

Low pressure is back over Britain after the beautiful, sunny and warm weather at the end of last week. We have moved from stable, high-pressure conditions to a more mixed picture for the middle of the week. There will be some showers in SW England and Wales today with a strong south-easterly wind and it will feel a bit cooler. A light breeze from the North Sea will continue to bring a fresh feeling to the air in eastern Britain.

In any sheltered sun, temperatures are responding this week, quickly rising into the high teens. However, there is a strong breeze blowing with occasional cloud fields and some showers. These will focus from The Wash to Northern Ireland from Wednesday to Thursday, but with clearer skies and sunshine to the north and south. Highest temperatures will be near Inverness or Aviemore, in the north of Scotland, and could reach around 20 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, with lighter winds everywhere.

Surface pressure graph with UK Radar

Parts of Britain will see little rain and lots of nice, clear or sunny weather for the rest of this week. Other parts will see more clouds and rain showers, so the week will be much more unsettled here. It’s a messy picture, but there are no signs of severe weather.


The temperature today will be between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius. Northern Scotland will see sunshine ahead of the frontal band. Rain will become heavier and more patchy by lunchtime. The UKV model has seen heavier pulses for Kent and Essex after lunch and sharp showers for Cumbria and SW Scotland from mid-afternoon. These can lead to difficult road conditions and the risk of localized flooding. Keep an eye on the radar this afternoon.

This evening

The remnants of the frontal band will bring patchy rain to north-east England and central and southern Scotland. It will be another mild night and at dawn outbreaks of rain will flow into East Anglia, into the Midlands and towards the Humber.

British weather Wednesday May


This supply of rain and cloud will continue into the afternoon, reaching from Suffolk to Merseyside. There will also be some showers in North Wales, Staffordshire and Northern Ireland, but otherwise it will be a nice day.

The east coast should clear for Scotland and the sea ferret from NE England, but more cloud will appear for south-east England as the band of rain and cloud settles over a central swathe of Britain. There will be just a hint of easterly flow in the air, but a cooler night for areas with clear skies.


Thursday morning there will be some early morning fog and sunshine with a chilly feel. It will be another mixed day with dull skies and showers under the front band. For some, sunshine makes it feel warm, but heavy showers also develop that keep us on our toes.

Will it rain?