The brother/sister twins from BC Central share their love for the diamond

Twins Kaylynn and Caleb Jones are senior pitchers for their respective Bearcat teams in softball and baseball

BATTLE CREEK – They’re twins who have a lot in common.

They both like to throw and hit the ball. I especially love pitching. They go to the same school.

But they’re not on the same team (although at one point they were, but more on that later).

Kaylynn Jones (a few minutes older) and Caleb Jones are twins and seniors at Battle Creek Central. Kaylynn is the No. 1 pitcher on the Bearcat softball team. Caleb is the lead pitcher and starting outfielder for the Bearcat baseball team.

Sharing a birthday (they both turned 18 last week) and a love of sports is something they share both on and off the diamond.

“We both play, it’s something we have in common. That’s the beauty of it all,” Caleb said. “I have someone I can talk to about baseball and she has someone she can talk to about softball. Some of the people we hang out with don’t know much about the sport, but we can talk about baseball together and that makes it great. I have her and she has me.”

Kaylynn joined the softball team because she saw her brother play baseball.

“I saw him play and I wanted to be there too. I thought, I want to do that,” Kaylynn said.


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Now, on different teams, there was of course a world where they played sports together, despite being brother and sister, and thought they could still be to this day.

Both were teammates on the Battle Creek Central high school football team, as Kaylynn didn’t let the fact that she was a girl prevent her from participating. And in 10th grade, both thought they could repeat that situation.

“We didn’t really start playing baseball until our sophomore year,” Caleb said. “At that point, we didn’t even know if Battle Creek would even have a softball team that year, so I tried to talk her into joining the baseball team. And she would have if she had.” I’m not joining the softball team.”

“That’s how I got into it. I went to some of these baseball camps that we had here with the boys. Playing with the boys and my brother made me more competitive, I think. So I learned a lot early on,” said Kaylynn.

Now that they are both starters and senior leaders in rebuilding Bearcat programs, they are all having a great time during their senior campaign in high school sports.

“Kaylynn embodies what a student-athlete should be by demonstrating excellence on and off the field. She maintains her grades, she leads with positivity and encouragement, she carries the team with her pitching, stamina and knowledge of the game and she eagerly helps the community and Battle Creek Public Schools with her philanthropic efforts,” said BCC softball coach Ciara Wilson-Santos. “Kaylynn will do great things in the future and I am so excited that she will achieve her goals and continue to improve the world we live in.”

Not surprisingly, her twin brother brings the same kind of energy to the field for his baseball team.

“Caleb is an all-around leader. He is a leader in the classroom and a leader on the baseball field. Caleb started playing baseball as a sophomore and since then he has worked on his game every day of the season and offseason. Caleb motivates through both his skills on the field as well as by connecting verbally with his teammates,” said BCC baseball coach Jordan Lawson.

The family dynamic is what has made this last year special for the Jones twins.

“It’s been great to do this together. It’s something we share here on the field and at the dinner table,” Caleb said. “Dad talks at dinner about how proud he is of us. Mom listens to our stories about our games. We don’t see each other playing much because we usually play games at the same time, so we always talk about how our games went with each other, how we did what we could have done differently.

“And you know, there’s a little bit of competition between us too. It’s like, how many hits did you get today? I have two. How much did you get? Those kind of things.’

Hitting is one thing. Pitching is something different.

They all share the same position.

“I love pitching. Just having the ball in my hands. Being in the middle of it. That’s awesome,” Kaylynn said.

“Pitching is great,” Caleb added. “I wish I had started learning more about it sooner. I’m getting there, but I could have been much better if I had started sooner.”

Both have different feelings about how the year will end for them.

For Caleb, he hopes this is just the beginning. He wants to play baseball after high school. He has plans to attend Kellogg Community College. Kaylynn doesn’t see softball as something she will do in college, but would like to coach someday. She will attend the University of Michigan-Dearborn to study neuroscience. Both will attend college with the help of the Bearcat Advantage, a financial aid package for the district.

But how that future comes about (in baseball and in life) has a lot to do with their positive experiences at Battle Creek Central.

“My mentality is baseball. Baseball could be a future for me. An escape,” Caleb said. “I just love it. When I first came out for the team, I stepped in and took a swing and accidentally hit the ball. I remember it so clearly. The color of the bat, the ball, how I swung and made a mistake It was in the air. And even though it wasn’t a good hit, I just fell in love with the sport and I want to be a part of it in the future.’

Kaylynn added, “What I like most about the way the program came together and how I got to be a part of it. We have a new coach this year and she makes things better, a better atmosphere. I wish it was like this when I was younger. But I just look at the younger kids and say, you’re lucky, you all have this. It’s going to get better here soon.”

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