Weather in Britain as the Sahara plume is set to engulf Britain and temperatures are expected to rise

Britain is forecast to experience another wave of warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine towards the end of the month.

This weekend, Brits basked in surprisingly warm conditions, with sunshine gracing many parts of the country. Although sunny weather is forecast to give way to rain for a short while, it looks like thermometers will start rising again soon. Temperatures will rise again on Thursday, May 23.

In some regions maximums of 22 degrees Celsius can occur. The best weather is forecast for the Midlands, while the North East of England and Yorkshire are also expected to enjoy these warmer conditions.

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Temperatures on May 23(Image: Netweather)

Temperatures are also expected to peak at 22 degrees Celsius in London, with highs of 23 degrees Celsius in Northern Ireland. The Met Office has reported that despite these changes, Britain will ‘still feel warm’, as the Express reports.

Over the weekend, London and Cambridge proved to be some of the warmest areas in Britain, with scores of people heading to local beaches and parks to enjoy the clear weather. However, there will also be showers this week and flood warnings have been issued.

The Met Office has warned of the possibility of ‘thunderstorms’ on Friday, May 17. Looking ahead to the period from Friday 17 May to Sunday 26 May, the Met Office’s long-term forecast suggested: “Changeable with showers developing throughout the day across Britain into the end of the week and into the weekend.”

“Heaviest showers and greatest risk of thunderstorms in southern parts. Temperatures will generally be around or slightly above average, although winds will be mostly light and still warm to the touch in sunnier areas.”