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Set in a distant future where humans are no longer the dominant species of apes on Earth, the new film Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes follows a clan of chimpanzees.

They live in a lush green forest in harmony with nature and hunt together with eagles who take them from their nests like eggs.

How would actors Owen Teague (who plays the chimpanzee Noa) and Freya Allan (who plays the human Mae) fare if they were transported to such a setting?

AsiaOne asked them in a recent interview what their survival strategy would be, and Freya, 22, replied humorously: “Climb a tree. I’m such a good tree climber.

“That used to be my thing. That was my strong suit as a kid, being a dog and climbing trees.”

To this, Owen said, “We should definitely put you in a motion capture suit for the next one. You should be a background chimpanzee.”

This left Freya wondering if she should have been the chimpanzee, and while Owen had no intention of giving up his role, he agreed that they were both “a bit wild”.

The 25-year-old actor opted for the more sensible survival strategy of “finding a way to stay warm and get fresh water,” but admitted that climbing a tree can be a good way to avoid predators.

“That’s why chimpanzees nest in the tree,” he added.

Speaking of motion capture suits, AsiaOne asked the actors if it was difficult to get into the role when they weren’t actually face to face with chimpanzees or eagles, and Freya disagreed.

“For me, I feel like these guys did such a great job of being monkeys that I didn’t have to imagine anything,” she said.

The times she had to “imagine everything” were when she had to shoot a scene twice without the other actors in front of her.

“But when they were in front of me, I didn’t really have to think about anything else because they embodied these characters and then the physicality so well.”


Owen agrees: ‘After a very short period, a few days, it actually becomes quite normal. Personally, you start to feel more comfortable as a monkey than as a human.

“So it’s not like you have to imagine a lot in terms of: ‘Oh, I’m a monkey.’ That’s really not the point. It’s about finding the truth of the character, and how you move and how you speak. is a reflection of that.

“It’s just a costume you put on.”

While the monkeys were all played by human actors, the eagles were computer generated and Owen agreed that visualizing them required some imagination.

“There’s obviously nothing there, so when Noa reached out and had his eagle on his arm, I really had to say, ‘Okay, where’s the eagle’s head – there he is looking at me, right here, and this is what it is.’ it feels like he’s taking off’.

“That was actually difficult, to make that look and feel believable.”

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is now in theaters.

Watch our latest episode of E-Junkies for the full interview, including how Owen and Freya believe the film’s themes apply to today’s society.


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