Brooke Shields and Wilson Cruz on the bride’s mother’s happy, loving gay couple

As with most romantic comedies, there’s a fair bit of it Mother of the bride‘s comedy is based on misunderstandings and blunders. And that kind of comedic miscommunication abounds in the Brooke Shields-led Netflix comedy, except when it comes to the stable and happily married gay couple Scott and Clay. They’ve been together since college and are in a position to help Shields’s Lana and Benjamin Bratt’s Will, who were together decades earlier, find their way back to each other.

“Queer people should be in every movie, right? Because we are in the world,” says Wilson Cruz, who plays Scott. The Star Trek: Discoverystar and LGBTQ+ activist made history when he played gay teen Rickie My so-called life in 1994, when authentic queer characters were few and far between and rarely played by our actors.

Michael McDonald and Wilson Cruz in Mother of the Bride Michael McDonald and Wilson Cruz in Mother of the Bride Netflix

Mother of the BrideThe plot changes when Lana’s daughter, Emma, ​​has social media influence (iCarly‘s Miranda Cosgrove) announces to her mother that she is engaged to her boyfriend RJ (Sean Teale), who Lana has yet to meet since mother and daughter live in San Francisco and London respectively. But soon they’re off to a social media-sponsored wedding at a luxury resort in Thailand. There, Lana and her best friend and Emma’s de facto aunt, Janice (Rachael Harris), run into their old Stanford friends Scott and Clay (Michael McDonald). The excitement builds when it is revealed that RJ is the son of Will, who ghosted Lana in college. When Will arrives, Lana tries to put on a good face for her daughter’s wedding, despite her doubts about Will. As the medium of the rom-com dictates, it’s all a misunderstanding that is resolved once Lana and Will get some alone time.

Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove in Mother of the Bride Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove in Mother of the Bride Netflix

As Lana and Will rekindle their old flame, Emma begins to wonder if RJ is too much like his father and might turn her off. As a result, Scott and Clay hold down the fort as the film’s most stable couple.

“To have Michael McDonald, who I think is probably one of the funniest people in the world, play my husband in this movie, and to just have us be part of this really amazing cast and see this couple, like you said: Who is the most stable and clearly the most in love represents the ideal that these two couples are trying to find, right?’ says Cruz. ‘They’re trying to find their ideal love, and Scott and his husband clearly are. the examples of that in this film.”

Mother of the brideMother of the bride Netflix

Shields is a child model and actor and a longtime ally of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to being a gay icon, she also starred opposite Cherry Jones in the 2001 TV movie What makes a family, about a lesbian couple who undergo IVF and discover that one of them has lupus. Based on a true story, the film shed light on the struggle for adoption rights for second parents, long before marriage equality was the law of the land. Mother of the brideThe depiction of the gay couple is what Shields hoped it would be.

“Their relationship is not only the most committed, it’s also the healthiest and also the most openly affectionate, which was really a point in the script that I was so happy that Netflix decides to make this movie about a woman my age who has a second chance at life and this couple,” says Shields The lawyer. “You’re like, Oh no, you only get one of those things. You won’t get the othershe adds about the rarity of the story portraying a successful single woman in her 50s as desirable and with agency.

“And it was so important for us as writers to find that kind of truth and not comment on it. We don’t have to comment on it,” she added. “It just is what it is. And once you do that, no one is a cartoon, those relationships are very important to just be portrayed honestly, as we all know in our real lives.

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Meanwhile, Cruz grew up with Shields in his orbit.

“I remember Brooke Shields from when I was a kid,” Cruz says. “As far as I’m concerned, she was the biggest star in the universe, and the most beautiful. So it was a bit surreal to have this experience with her in this beautiful location and make this very funny film.

Making the film wasn’t his last interaction with Shields, however. He shares an anecdote that confirms her status as a gay icon.

“She’s a fellow New Yorker, and I ran into her a few weeks ago in the West Village,” he says. “She invited me and my friends over for a tequila shot on a Sunday brunch morning.”

Mother of the bride now streaming on Netflix.

Watch The lawyer‘s exclusive interview with Wilson Cruz below.