New reaction from Baby Reindeer as it comes under fire after booking ‘real Martha’ Fiona Harvey for a personal appearance

A COVENTRY bar has been slammed as a “disgrace” and fans are “shocked” after the venue booked Fiona Harvey – Baby Reindeer’s real-life Martha – for a PA.

The Netflix series has taken the country by storm – with Piers Morgan the first to interview the Scot on his show Uncensored last week.

There was a backlash at Baby Reindeer after a bar in Coventry booked the ‘real’ Martha for a PA gigCredit: Instagram
It came after Fiona Harvey appeared on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored showCredit: Piers Morgan uncensored
Baby Reindeer tells the true story of Richard Gadd’s stalking ordealCredit: Ed Miller/Netflix
Fans have branded Saturday’s event – where the Scot will sign autographs – as a ‘disgrace’Credit: Piers Morgan uncensored

The raw series is based on comedian Richard Gadd’s experiences with a female stalker.

It features Richard as struggling comedian Donny Dunn, who manages to combine his stand-up with a job in a London pub.

When he offers compatriot Martha (played by Jessica Gunning, 38) a free cup of tea at the bar, she quickly becomes obsessed with him and the story takes dark turns.

Internet super-sleuths took just days to locate the ‘real’ Martha – law graduate and London-based Fiona – and now she appears to be embracing her new-found, albeit unwanted, fame.

Bar Kasbah in Coventry stunned fans when it uploaded an image of the star, 58, to social media, announcing she would be at the venue on Saturday, May 18.

They labeled the event a “world exclusive,” writing: “A personal appearance by Fiona Harvey, aka Martha from Baby Reindeer, on Saturday, May 18th.

“She’ll be signing autographs, taking selfies and maybe even taking home a lucky reindeer to hang her curtains!

“Tag a friend who loves hanging curtains,” followed by a wink emoji icon.

Moment ‘real Baby Reindeer stalker’ Fiona Harvey shows ‘real version’ of herself in a great interview with Piers Morgan

The last line is a reference to a sexual innuendo mentioned in the seven-part series.

Still, fans were less than impressed.

One took to the comments section and wrote: “If this is real it’s a shame and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

A second said: “That wasn’t it, gang,” while a third mused: “Definitely a bit far no.”

One then posted: “Turning a victim’s story of stalking and sexual assault into a joke and trying to profit from it is truly depraved and you should feel nothing but shame.”


In addition to tracking down the real Fiona, internet fans also located the real Camden boozer, which started the whole storyline.

Richard’s character Donny initially appreciates the attention he receives from Martha and flirts with her.

However, she soon crosses the line from friend to stalker, which exposes Donny’s trauma from past sexual abuse.

On screen

Fiona opened up in an extensive interview with Piers Morgan last week.

She accused the show’s writer, Richard Gadd, of “making money off untrue facts” and denied ever watching Baby Reindeer.

She admitted that she was indeed Baby Reindeer’s protagonist, Martha, but not a stalker.

After the interview aired, fans quickly noticed five key facts that Fiona had disputed in the Netflix show’s storyline.

Meanwhile, TV favorite Piers suggested to Lorraine on Tuesday that Netflix may have “lied” about Fiona.

Piers said Netflix’s claim that the show “is a true story” could be problematic.

Baby reindeer by number

The Netflix series has become a real breakthrough hit…

  • 7 Number of episodes in the series
  • 30 Number of countries in which the series has topped the Netflix list
  • 64 Percentage increase in viewers the show earned in the second week, compared to the first
  • 97 The show’s percentage score on the industry bible Rotten Tomatoes
  • 41,071 Number of emails Richard claims to have been sent by the real Martha
  • 13.3 million Number of viewers who tuned into the show during its first week

Piers told presenter Lorraine Kelly today: “She has the right to have her say and was happy to come on the show, I tried to be very fair and balanced and tried to get to the truth.

“I think she lied in the interview, but is she a convicted stalker?

“The key point is that if she isn’t, then Netflix’s claim at the beginning of each episode that ‘this is a true story’ becomes problematic.

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‘Did they slander her? If you’re accusing someone of being a convicted stalker and they’re not, that’s a pretty serious allegation.

“I think they have problems here because she is clearly determined to have her day in court with Netflix.”

Jessica Gunning played Martha in the Netflix seriesCredit: Netflix
Piers spoke on the Lorraine show about his bombshell conversation with the law student, which aired last weekCredit: Piers Morgan uncensored