SCHOOL SPAT: Kings Langley’s mother gets into a fight at primary school for ‘hindering’ her son’s education

A Kings Langley woman has accused a local elementary school of refusing to provide her son with childcare because of his medical history.

Katherine Blood’s son was born with serious medical problems and has undergone three intestinal surgeries.

Katherine was advised by doctors to delay his entry to nursery for a year, which meant he would be four years old when he started nursery. This would give him time to recover physically.

Delaying entry to daycare is now more commonly allowed thanks to an open letter from the government a few years ago.

However, Katherine was shocked when her son was turned down for entry to Kings Langley Primary School (KLPS) nursery, saying they could not defer him. This is despite the family having received a letter from their son’s doctor explaining their situation.

Katherine said: “As a parent it’s so discouraging. It hinders his education.”

Despite an appeal, Katherine’s son has now been denied access to nursery not only by the school’s principal, but also by the Board of Governors.

Katherine is also disappointed with the reaction of the school’s staff, saying their attitude towards her was “short-sighted and disinterested”.

A spokesperson for KLPS said: “We would love to welcome this child to our reception class either this year or next year, but they are too old for our nursery.

“We have viewed this application with sympathy due to the medical issues involved, but our Board of Directors has confirmed that our current admissions policy is not to admit a child of this age into nursery, and it is for this reason that no medical problem whatsoever, that we refused the place.”

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