The Nintendo Switch recreation software program “Nintendo World Championships Famicom World Conference” is scheduled to launch on July 18.

Nintendo is once again bringing the joy of the Nintendo World Championships with a contemporary twist. The new “Nintendo World Championships Famicom World Conference” is about to launch on July 18, 2024, entirely for the Nintendo Switch.

This new game allows gamers from all over the world to compete in more than 150 time trials across 13 traditional Famicom video games. From Super Mario Bros to The Legend of Zelda, gamers race against the clock to achieve the fastest moments and climb the global leaderboards.

The game includes a “Time Trial” mode where gamers can try to beat their own data in certain personal competitions. Additionally, there may be a ‘World Ranking Conference’ mode where gamers can compete with others around the world for the top spot in weekly challenges.

For those who want an extra social expertise, the game additionally features a “Party” mode, where up to 8 gamers can compete in offline tournaments. With numerous battle strategies to choose from, gamers can enjoy some fun competition with family and friends.

To enhance the nostalgic expertise, the game is suitable for the Nintendo Switch unique “Family Computer Controller”, allowing gamers to play the competitions with the traditional Famicom feel.

The Deluxe model of the game, “Nintendo World Championships Famicom World Championship Special Edition,” includes numerous bonuses similar to “Family Computer Controllers,” “Pin Badges,” and “Art Collection Cards.”

Prepare to test your pace and skills against gamers from around the world at the upcoming “Nintendo World Championships Famicom World Conference” and see if you have what it takes to become the Last Word Champion.