Inaugural Entertainment and Collector Expo rolls to Lethbridge later this month

Celebrity guests, voice actors, artists, cosplayers and more will be under one roof at the Lethbridge Entertainment and Collector Expo later this month.

According to organizer Brendan Barclay, the first event will include cosplay competitions, book signings and selfies with celebrities.

“We expect approximately 10,000 visitors this year,” Barclay notes. “We just want it to be a fun, family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy.”

Barclay adds that the event is something everyone can enjoy. “There are so many different things for so many different people.”

Visitors, Barclay says, can dress up in cosplay, they can find comic books they like and “people can go out with friends and meet different celebrities.”

There are many events and things to do in Lethbridge during the summer, Barclay says. “Whoop-Up Days is aimed at teenagers and carnival-type things. This will attract everyone from 13 to 65 years old. Everyone can feel involved and participate.”

“You bring up things from your past and think, ‘Oh, I loved this when I was little.’ That’s what comic con is all about,” says Barclay.

Guests include Leslie David Baker, Charles Baker, Brendan Hunter and DC Douglas.

Leslie David Baker is known for her role of ‘Stanley Hudson’ in the popular television series ‘The Office’. Charles Baker is best known for his role as ‘Skinny Pete’ in the TV blockbuster ‘Breaking Bad’. Hunter is an anime, video game and cartoon voice actor, known for ‘Dragon Ball’. Douglas’ credits include voice work for the “Resident Evil” franchise and as an actor he appeared in “Z Nation” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

The Lethbridge Entertainment and Collector Expo takes place from May 24 to 26 at the Agri-food and Trade Centre. For more information, visit