From chess prodigy and celebrating mothers – ‘Dabaru’s special display

A special screening of the film ‘Dabaru’ was held in Kolkata on Sunday, May 12, 2024. Directed by Prathikrit Basu, ‘Dabaru’ is the story of a young chess prodigy, Souro, who emerges from the streets of North Kolkata to achieve the revered title of Grandmaster. Through various obstacles and challenges, Souro gains the support of his grandfather, coach and mother, who serve as his support system. The film is inspired by the time and life of Surya Sekhar Ganguly, who became a chess prodigy at the age of five.

Dabaru stars Dipankar Dey, Rituparna Sengupta, Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Kaushik Sen, Biswanath Basu, Shankar Chakraborty, Samadarshi Sarkar, Arghya Basu Roy and others.

As the story unfolds, Souro’s grandfather (played by Dipankar Dey) realizes that Souro is good at chess, and decides to further teach him professional chess with the help of his mother Karuna (played by Rituparna Sengupta), despite the objections of his father and his father. their ongoing financial stress. Later, he meets Rathijit (played by Chiranjeet), his coach who guides and helps him on his journey of chess, pitting him against others and making him realize his dream of becoming a grandmaster.

Since the film was screened on the occasion of Mother’s Day, mother-son and mother-daughter duos from the film industry were invited to be part of the audience. Adgully spoke to the cast and crew of ‘Dabaru’, who were there and explored the dynamics of the bond between mothers and their children and the meaning of the film.

When asked how his experience was of being a part of the film ‘Dabaru’, actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty said, “It was a great experience being a part of the film ‘Dabaru’.”

Arghya Basu Roy, who plays the older version of Souro, was accompanied by his mother. During his speech he said: “Overall the experience was very nice. I auditioned and was gradually selected. I played chess at home, like others, and after I was selected, Surya Sir himself came and taught me chess at a professional level. Some days he was on set and his assistant was always with us. When asked if he wants to be an actor when he grows up, he just smiled.

Reflecting on his experience working on the film, Prathikrit Basu shared, “It was difficult because this is not just about drama, romance, action or comedy, it has another layer and it was very difficult to shoot it. Here in a sequence the main character plays with sixteen bowls, so he must be special in his movements. Dabaru means a chess player, so he had to be very precise with the chess moves. Every chess move had to be accurate and had to come from Surya Sen Ganguly or his associates. There is also a five-year-old boy and Dipankar Da, who is almost seventy years old. So it was a bit hectic to film, but I’m very happy that the film is getting such a positive response; Nowadays many halls are full. I get all positive vibes, thanks to the audience. Hopefully more people will come to the theaters to watch the film this summer holidays.”

Actress Koneenica Banerjee, who was accompanied by her baby daughter, shared her thoughts on Mother’s Day and said, “I don’t think we need a day to celebrate motherhood, but if there is a day, why not? We never say thank you to our mothers, there is no gratitude towards our mothers, but with time we have to change and we have to thank our mothers every day and not just one specific day. ‘Dabaru’ is a film that all mothers and children must see. I know I’ll enjoy watching ‘Dabaru’ because Windows always makes movies that stay in our minds long after we leave the movie theater. There is always a note to take you back.”

Reflecting on how this year’s Mother’s Day is different from the past years, actress Debleena Dutt, who came with her mother, said, “This one is different because team ‘Dabaru’ has arranged this special display for mother-daughter or mother-son. duos, which makes it extremely special for my mother to receive such an invitation. They make the mothers feel very special, which I think is very good.”