Miami Dolphins ready for more summer work with the Tampa Bay Buccaneeers?

Joint workouts have become a way of life in the NFL and especially for the Miami Dolphins, and it looks like they could be doing more work with/against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this summer.

In a since-deleted social media post, the Buccaneers showed off the logo of 17 different NFL teams under the headline: “Which game are you most looking forward to?” And those logos include the Dolphins, who are NOT on the schedule to play the Bucs.” in the 2024 regular season, meaning this referred to a preseason game.

The Buccaneers requested preseason games against the Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars in hopes of having joint workouts with each team, according to JC Allen of the FN sister site BucsGame Day.

Traditionally, the Dolphins’ preseason schedule is announced in conjunction with the release of the regular season schedule, which this year is scheduled for Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET.

The Dolphins and Buccaneers have been regular preseason opponents over the years and last faced off in 2022 at Raymond James Stadium. Before the game, the teams conducted two joint workouts at the Bucs’ training facility in Tampa.

The Dolphins conducted joint workouts with the Atlanta Falcons in Miami and Houston Texans in Houston last summer; with the Bucs and Philadelphia Eagles in Miami in 2022 (although the second joint workout was scrapped when an illness swept through the Dolphins’ roster.

In Brian Flores’ final year as Dolphins head coach, the team teamed with the Chicago Bears in Illinois and the Falcons in Miami.

Along with Atlanta and Houston, the Dolphins faced Jacksonville in the 2023 preseason.

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