Data Art competition attracts more than 130 entries

Eight finalists were selected from 130 entries from artists from nine different countries. Finalists were recognized at a public event earlier this month. Julia Daser and Pepi Ng from The New School in New York won the top prize.

Based on the competition theme “Our World,” finalist entries included “Reef Generations,” UVA music professor Matthew Burtner’s music professor. multimedia composition using oyster reef data,and ‘LA AQI: 1980-2024’, Charlottesville artist Steve Haske graphite-on-paper spiral rendering of Los Angeles’ air quality indices over four decades.

The competition organizers also polled the public for a People’s Choice Award and collected more than 800 votes. The winner of the award, which was also selected for an honorable mention, was UVA alumnus Peter Cybriwsky’s 2019 real-time generative and data art installation entitled ‘Mists.’

Cybriwsky, who said he was “excited” to exhibit his work, plans the piece to visualize often-overlooked environmental changes in Charlottesville, including brightness, humidity, temperature, pressure and CO2 levels. The display involved installing sensors on the roof of the building.

The School of Data Science plans to host future data art competitions and use the building’s exhibition space for regional artist shows and collaborations with K-12 arts programs. The work of the eight finalists will be on display in the School of Data Science building until the end of the calendar year. The public is encouraged to visit the open spaces, explore and interact with the building’s art exhibits and permanent data science sculpture.