TEA implements AI grading for STAAR test essays

SAN ANGELO, TX – Changes are coming to the way STAAR tests are scored in Texas.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced in 2023 that it will use artificial intelligence (AI) to grade the essay portion of the exam.

Under the new system, AI will grade 75% of the written portion of the exam, while humans will still grade the remaining 25%. The AI ​​system is also designed to flag any responses it is unsure about for human review.

The move has raised concerns among educators who believe standardized testing is crucial for students and school districts. Critics question the accuracy of AI grading and the reasons behind this shift to hybrid scoring.

The TEA states that despite the change in the process, the quality of the scoring remains unchanged. The agency emphasized that 25% of the STAAR test is still scored by highly trained and qualified human raters.