Millennium Journey: ELF Beginner’s Guide | Experience in land development, list of recommended redemption codes for opening servers in the mall

The new mobile game ‘Thousand-Year Journey: ELF’ has formally begun public beta testing on every platform, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for players. For these newcomers to the sport, Hong Kong 01’s Technology Playthings Channel has gathered a complete newbie’s information to help gamers navigate the world of land growth, battle squad formations, mall classes, and server opening redemption codes.

Combat System: Unlike other video games, the combat system in “Thousand-Year Journey: ELF” is turn-based, giving gamers the freedom to determine the order of character actions. This strategic ingredient adds depth to the gameplay and allows for distinctive modes and battle formations.

Witch and Star Mark: The game options distinguish characters called Witches, which can be obtained exclusively through the development of the primary storyline. Each witch has different skills and expertise, making them important for building highly effective groups. Furthermore, Star Marks play an important function in improving witches’ skills, including another layer of technique in the sport.

Mall Tuition Recommendation: “Thousand-Year Journey: ELF” presents cost-effective and highly repairable merchandise in the in-game mall, making it satisfying for gamers of all levels. First time charging benefits, monthly playing cards and limited-time gifts provide gamers with valuable rewards and bonuses, increasing overall gaming expertise.

Redemption Codes: To unlock unique rewards and bonuses, gamers can enter redemption codes in the recreation settings. Here is an inventory of really useful redemption codes for opening servers for “Thousand-Year Journey: ELF”: Biubiu666, cgbb666, dw666, fh666, mlh666, qnzl666, qnzl888, vip666, vip888, REDKAI.

Overall, “Thousand-Year Journey: ELF” presents a unique gaming expertise with participating gameplay mechanics and a fascinating storyline. Using this information, gamers can begin their journey with confidence and benefit from their gaming expertise.