Behemoth Release Date Window, Gameplay, Story

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If you’re excited about Behemoth’s release date, we can’t blame you. While details are scarce about the upcoming VR game, Behemoth promises to immerse you in a monster hunting adventure.

And as the developers behind The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners bring this game to life, many believe it could become one of the best PCVR games. But when can you expect this monster hunting title?

Behemoth release date window

The current release date for Behemoth is late 2024, with the game launching on Meta Quest, PCVR, and PSVR 2. We think the game will likely appear on Quest 2, 3 and the Pro models, with the original Quest falling behind in performance over the years.

Behemoth was originally scheduled for release in late 2023, but the developers pushed it to the current release date window. While they haven’t confirmed why they delayed it, they likely did so to bring the game to new platforms and fix any major issues.

Luckily, that does mean the game is coming to a range of the best VR headsets, so if you’ve recently upgraded your outdated headset, Behemoth can look absolutely stunning and perform well too!

Behemoth gameplay and story

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Behemoth’s gameplay and story at the moment. The premise is that you are an explorer in a plague-ridden wasteland, where the residents of the location were driven mad prior to the game’s story.

As you play, you’ll face off against the titular Behemoths: life-sized monsters that tower over your character and require more than just brute force to fully defeat. Skydance has described the game as “brutal yet tactical VR combat”, which has led some people to compare the game to a Soul-like.

That’s all we currently know about Behemoth’s release date. Hopefully this information gives you a reason to upgrade to a VR-ready PC before the game launches.