Google I/O 2024 live updates: Gemini AI, Android 15 and more updates

6:00 PM (IST), May 14

Google CEO Sundar Pichai makes first-ever LinkedIn post: shares Google I/O preparations

“For my very first LinkedIn post, I thought I’d give a sneak peek of the Shoreline Amphitheater stage as we finalize our keynote for Google I/O tomorrow. I can’t wait to see those seats filled with developers from around the world building the next generation of AI experiences. I’m excited to be on stage with Demis Hassabis Elizabeth Reid Sissie H. James Manyika and others. We’ll share how our Gemini models are pioneering AI -bringing capabilities to people, as well as innovation in safety, research, infrastructure… we’re going to talk about it all if you can – tomorrow at 10am PT”