Keep a distance of 200 meters between vehicles, FRSC advises motorists

The FRSC has advised motorists to maintain a distance of 200 meters between their vehicle and the next to avoid avoidable accidents.

Anthony Uga gave the advice in an interview in Ota, Ogun on Tuesday.

mR Uga said the advisory was necessary for motorists so that in case of any problem or emergency situation, the following vehicle could easily maneuver from such location or place.

The Sector Commander of the FRSC in Ogun said such measure would help prevent accidents in the event of an emergency.

“Every motorist using the road should be cautious, and while driving, motorists should keep distance between them and the following vehicle,” he said.

Mr Uga urged motorists to avoid excessive speed and refrain from unlawful overtaking, especially during this rainy season, to avoid accidents.