A Liberty graduate completes his bachelor’s degree at age 15

While many young people her age are just beginning to research colleges and plan campus visits, Liberty University graduate Abigail Lee has turned her brush and is preparing for graduate school.

Abigail, who turned 16 in April, completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology in December at the age of 15, becoming one of the youngest graduates to earn a bachelor’s degree this academic year. She traveled with her family from Los Angeles to Lynchburg last week to participate in Commencement.

Abigail Lee received a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the age of 15.

Abigail’s time at Liberty actually began in high school when her parents enrolled her in the Liberty University Online Academy, a fully accredited K-12 online education program, after moving from Asia to California in 2020. She had previously attended a public elementary school, but her parents decided to place her and her older brother in a school environment that better emphasized their individual academic strengths. When schools switched to virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it provided an additional incentive for the Lees to pursue online education for their children.

“From a parent’s perspective, the ability to be asynchronous and approach different topics vertically allows the child to move at his or her own pace at an optimal level rather than starting and finishing all your lessons at once. to make, really helped enormously. said Abigail’s father, Jong Lee. “Our children really thrived in this online and flexible environment, and I think they were able to study much more efficiently than if they would have been in a classroom, leaving more time for extracurricular activities.”

Abigail completed high school at LUOA in 2021 and enrolled in Liberty University’s online programs to study psychology.

“I was a little hesitant about studying psychology when I first chose it because I wasn’t sure how my faith would fit into what I was learning,” Lee said. “(Being at Liberty), I didn’t have to just take care of myself and research everything on my own, but I had a curriculum that actually included a Christian perspective. It wasn’t just completely (faith-based) or completely secular. It integrated Christian views with science.”

Despite being much younger than the average student, Abigail excelled in her classes and fell in love with the field of psychology. Although she did not have all the life experience and application knowledge that some of her classmates had, she was still able to relate her studies to her current life.

“Ironically, taking psychology courses such as behavior change and adolescent psychology gave me much greater current insight and the courses were personally useful to me,” says Abigail. “I can say that my professors at Liberty University were all very helpful and understanding and I will be forever grateful to them.”

“She found the subject very interesting,” Jong Lee added. “It was self-directed and she had a lot of flexibility in choosing her courses and the sequence. I don’t think it was our job to push her to accomplish something quickly. We just didn’t want to be in a position where we were holding her back.”

Abigail has been accepted to Johns Hopkins University, where she will begin her master’s studies in data analytics and policy. She hopes to one day work in psychological research.

Abigail Lee and her brother, Isaac, with their parents, Jong and Sonia Lee, at Williams Stadium before Friday’s main ceremony (photos by Ryan Anderson)

That self-driven character runs in the family. Her older brother, Isaac, graduated in December with his MA in Theological Studies from Liberty’s Online Programs, after earning a master’s degree from Columbia University last May at the age of 16 and a bachelor’s degree from Liberty in 2022 in both History and Religion. He plans to do his Master of Divinity (M.Div.) through Liberty this fall before completing his Ph.D. in education from the University of Cambridge.

De Lees said Freedom has been a blessing to the family and may be the same for other families seeking high-quality Christian education.

“Liberty’s authentic, Christ-centered educational philosophy and embrace of academic excellence during such uncertain times have made a profound difference in the lives of our children and our family,” said Sonia Lee, Abigail and Isaac’s mother. “We couldn’t be more grateful and excited as we recommend other families consider Liberty University.”

“I encourage people to take advantage of freedom and all the resources available,” Abigail added. “There are so many courses available at Liberty, even just an online option. Don’t limit yourself and keep going.”