Comedian Lee Soo-ji hilariously proposes a meal to Kim Go-eun at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards

The 60th Baeksang Arts Awards took place on May 7. Comedian Lee Soo-ji imitated Kim Go-eun’s shaman character in the movie ‘Exhuma’, making everyone laugh.

MC Shin Dong-yeop said: “From the drama ‘Goblin’ until now, Lee Soo-ji has continuously parodied Kim Go-eun. As someone from ‘SNL’, she’s a gem, but I wonder what Kim Go-eun thinks about it.”

kim go eun baeksang art prizes

In response, Kim Go-eun, who still couldn’t stop laughing for a while, said: “I am really happy and grateful,” and expressed her wish to see more happy moments like this in the future.

Lee Soo-ji especially had that “Kim Go-eun, let’s have dinner together. I will explain everything” engraved on her back, reminiscent of scenes from ‘Exhuma.’

Kim Go-eun responded with a smile and said to Lee Soo-ji: “Let’s have dinner together sometime.”

This year, Shin Dong-yeop, Suzy and Park Bo-gum hosted the Baeksang Arts Awards. Stars who were active in TV, films and theater in the past year attended the event.

Source: daum