Lakes To Locks Passage wins National Byway Award

View of the Hudson River from Saratoga National Historical ParkMillersburg, Ohio (April 10, 2024) – The National Scenic Byway Foundation congratulates the Lakes to Locks Passage All-American Road in New York State, one of America’s Byways, as the winner of our 2024 Byway Award for Visitor Experience. This is one of eight national prizes that the Foundation awards annually.

The Lakes to Locks Passage Byway organization designed the Turning Point Trail. This trail takes you through 200 miles of the Byway’s legendary scenery and illustrates the events leading up to the Battles of Saratoga, which many historians call the “turning point of the American Revolution.” Britain’s goal was to control the interconnected waterway from Montreal to New York City, isolating New England “the breeding ground of revolution” from the rest of the continent. By following in the footsteps of Major General John Burgoyne’s campaign, you will discover that the story is about the land, the settlers, and the people who journeyed through the wilderness of New York in the summer and fall of 1777. Story has unified a 374-mile backroad travel experience for local, national and international travelers “as the reason for their journey” – ready for the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution!

This comprehensive interpretive experience includes: Turning Point Trail and Road to the Battle of Bennington PassagePorts (online thematic itineraries on steroids); a fully illustrated 56-page Turning Point Trail travel guide to the historic sites; a series of 11 kiosks and 6 interpretive signs along the side road; six interpretive pocket parks; six PassageMinutes (short videos); two online animated maps showing the battles and sieges; a battlefield stewardship toolkit; two travel cards; and interpretive exhibits at the Canal Region Gateway Visitor Center that provide an overview of the region’s 18th-century military conflicts and the contemporary travel experience.

Our Byway communities are proud of their history. Especially the military battles or skirmishes that led to the American victory at Saratoga during the Revolutionary War. Through extensive research and collaboration, partnerships were developed with the historic sites and organizations throughout the region, state and federal agencies, and even Canadians. Together we have pieced together a powerful American story from countless images, books, letters, diaries, oral histories – the stories of real people.

The key to our success with this project was having a vision, providing leadership and building collaboration. A secondary organization must be the big thinker, recognizing the strengths and potential contributions of partners and then involving them in the project. Most of our local partners are small museums, struggling nonprofits, and many people with passion. With a clear vision, we have taken advantage of every opportunity that came our way. We have used subsidies. We networked. We pitched the idea. We received support from the community. We have built a side road community.

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photo caption: View of the Hudson River from Saratoga National Historical Park, site of the 1777 Battles of Saratoga

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