Pizza box used as ruse in South Bay burglary attempt: report

A woman was caught on security camera pretending to deliver a pizza as a hooded figure approached the back of the South Bay home.

TORRANCE, CA – Burglars were caught on surveillance camera using a pizza box as a ruse when they tried to break into a home in Torrance, according to reports.

The resident, Undine Schwarz, shared footage of the April 20 event with ABC 7. The video shows a woman approaching the front door of the home with a pizza box and knocking several times.


A person wearing a hood was then seen walking to the back of the home.

Schwarz said she was not home when she got the security alarm, but her alarm system was activated and the suspects retreated to a silver car parked on the sidewalk.

“She went home and she had a cardboard Domino’s box, and most pizza delivery people have an enclosure to keep the pizza warm. In retrospect, that was a clear indication that it wasn’t a real pizza delivery person,” Schwarz told ABC 7. “But I’m very happy my alarm worked.”

Nothing was stolen from the house, but Schwarz decided to report it to the police anyway. She said she believes the burglary crew targeted her home because they assumed no one was home.

Anyone with information about the attempted burglary is asked to contact police.

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