Thank you next Netflix cast, characters and actors (photos)

Turkish actress and model Serenay Sarikaya stars as a young lawyer looking for love on Netflix Thanks, next.

The eight-episode romantic drama series explores how an up-and-coming attorney rises to the occasion with the help of her friends and family in both her career and love life after a devastating breakup.

Thanks, next premiered on Netflix on May 9.

Every main cast member of Thank You Next

Serenay Sarikaya – Leyla Taylan

Serenay Sarikaya as Leyla Taylan in Thank You, next episode 1
Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya leads the Thanks, next‘s cast as promising lawyer Leyla Taylan.

Although Leyla is a believer in love, her experience dealing with heartbreak and complicated relationships makes her think she is a lost cause when it comes to romance, especially after her ex-boyfriend left her.

Despite this, Leyla still believes she will find someone she can connect deeply with.

Sarikaya is best known for her roles as Duru Durulay FiMira Beylice in Ebb and flowand Yesim Taskiran enter The Tulip Age.

Metin Akdülger-Ömer

Metin Akdülger as Omer in Thank You, next episode 1
Metin Akdulger

Metin Akdülger brings Ömer to life Thanks, next.

Omer is Leyla’s ex-boyfriend who left her after they were in a long-term relationship.

When Omer returns to Leyla’s life today, she believes him to be the safest choice to choose from among her desired lovers.

Omer seems like a perfect man, but he is a proven cheater, which is a bad sign for Leyla.

Turkish fans may know Akdülger from his role as Atilla in Sandik KokusuEnter Kenan Between the world and usand Orhan Sahin enter The club.

Hakan Kurtas – Cem Murathan

Hakan Kurtas as Cem in Thank You, next episode 2
Hakan Kurtas

Hakan Kurtas appears as Cem Murathan, a man in the middle of a divorce with his third wife and a certified playboy.

The fact that Cem is already in his third marriage makes Leyla think that he quickly gets bored in his relationships. Yet there is sexual tension between the pair, leading to them meeting during an eventful night.

Kurtas previously appeared as Deniz in Full moonEnter Demir Crashand Izzet enter Body.

Boran Kuzum-Feyyaz

Boran Kuzum as Feyyaz in Thank You, next episode 1
Boran Kuzum

Boran Kuzum’s Feyyaz is a respected chef who Leyla meets while vacationing out of town with her friends.

Feyyaz tries to impress Leyla on the night of their first meeting, leading to a romantic evening together. The only problem is the fact that Feyyaz ghosted her after their whirlwind of intimate moments.

Feyyaz is eventually introduced to Dafne (Cem’s first wife) and the pair hit it off, but the latter doesn’t seem to be at peace with the idea of ​​spending an entire life with him.

Kuzum has credits Wounded love, The protectorAnd Intoxicated with love.

Zeynep Tugce Bayat-Beliz

Zeynep Tugçe Bayat as Beliz in Thank You, next episode 2
Zeynep Tugce Bayat

Beliz (played by Zeynep Tugçe Bayat) is Cem’s lawyer handling his divorce case with Tuba.

In episode 2, Beliz clashes with Leyla (Tuba’s lawyer) after she points out that the hotel is not up for grabs as far as the divorce settlement is concerned. Beliz eventually offers Tuba $10 million to settle and agree to the divorce.

Bayat’s notable credits include Baba, Afili QuestionAnd Location: Osman.

Bade Iscil – Tuba Tepelioglu

Bade Iscil as Tuba Tepelioglu in Thank You, next episode 1
Bade Iscil

Bade Iscil plays Tuba Tepelioglu, Cem’s third wife and Leyla’s client in the divorce case.

Tuba tells Leyla about all of Cem’s negative qualities, such as being a narcissist and manipulative.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Tuba is a walking red flag, as she is obsessed with Cem and she wants him for herself (no wonder he prefers a divorce to staying in the marriage).

Iscil can be seen Love 101, Kuzey GuneyAnd Ufak Tefek Cinayetler.

Ahmet Rifat Sungar-Sarp

Ahmet Rifat Sungar as Sarp in Thank You, next episode 1
Ahmet Rifat Sungar

Ahmet Rifat Sungar joins the cast of Thanks, next as Sarp, another attractive man who becomes romantically entangled with Beliz.

Sarp is responsible for telling Leyla that he saw Omer and Balim (Omer’s ex) together the night before the wedding, warning her that her future husband has yet to change his cheating ways.

Sungar has over 40 credits, with roles in The funeral, Three monkeysAnd On the other side of the sea.

Gülcan Arslan – Defne

Gülcan Arslan as Defne in Thank You, next episode 8
Gulcan Arslan

Defne is Cem’s first wife and a very successful architect. The character is played on screen by Gülcan Arslan.

Defne and Cem are still on good terms despite being divorced. She eventually becomes involved in a romantic relationship with Feyyaz, but it remains to be seen if there will be a happily ever after for the couple.

Arslan is best known for her role as Leyla Candas Ates in the Turkish series, Alleys. The actress also appeared in Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean And Olene Kadar.

Sümeyra Koç – zero

Sümeyra Koç as Nil in Thank You Next Episode 5
Sumeyra Koç

Sümeyra Koç plays Nil, Cem’s second wife who co-authored the book (alongside Tuba) about their husband’s negative qualities.

Koç’s major credits include Altin Kafes, The QueenAnd There is love in the air.

All episodes of Thanks, next streaming now on Netflix.

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