This sport is the fastest growing in Maine

ATV riding is the fastest growing sport, activity, recreation and hobby (however you want to describe it) in Maine, according to ATV Maine President John Raymond.

To fully appreciate ATV riding in Maine, let’s learn its history

The Merseybeats with managers Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert

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Like many other innovations, ATVs started with WAR. It was WWII and Soichiro Honda (the founder of Honda) couldn’t find fuel for his car due to a shortage caused by the war. So Honda attached a small motor to its bike and created an idea that others could roll with (pun not intended).

Although not a traditional ATV, it spawned various manipulations of this motorcycle and other smaller-than-car, small-engine vehicles until 1961, when the first official ATV was made in Toronto, Canada. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the ATV became popular in America, and today, in 2024, it has taken over Maine.

See all the latest ATVs and UTVs in Maine

Maine ATV-UTV Exhibition

If you want to get into ATV or UTV riding, there will be a very special opening event at the Cross Insurance Center from May 17 to 19. This is a MUST for all thrill seekers and also for those who are just curious. There will be several stands, displays and demonstrations.

David and Cindy want to meet you at the Maine ATV-UTV Expo

David, John Raymond, Cindy

David Bugenske

The Maine ATV-UTV Expo is three days long and David and Cindy will be there on Saturday, May 18, 2024 and can’t wait to meet you! They also can’t wait to try taking a ride on one of the MANY ATVs and UTVs on display. If you plan to attend, look for David and Cindy at their booth or on an ATV around 11am while being chased by security.

There are several clubs, activities and trails for ATV riding in Maine

ATV activities

When the proverbial ATV-UTV “bug bites you” at the Maine ATV-UTV Expo, you join an ever-growing fun group of people. There are several local ATV clubs you can join, different activities throughout the month, and several trails you and your family can explore on your own.

Have fun driving and hope to see Q106.5 at the expo this weekend!

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