Pretty Crazy FIRST LOOK: YoonA Exudes Rich Girl Energy, Ahn Bo Hyun Caters to Her Needs in Upcoming Romcom Movie


  • Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA’s Pretty Crazy teases the first look

  • A catch up on Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA’s recent engagements

Pretty Crazy, starring Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA, has shared the first glimpse of the upcoming romcom film. Directed by Lee Sang Geun of Exit fame, the film promises to deliver a captivating story full of unexpected twists and charming moments.

First watch Pretty Crazy with Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA

On May 14, CJ Entertainment, the production team behind Pretty Crazy, offered fans a sneak peek at the highly anticipated romantic comedy. The film, directed by director Lee Sang Geun, known for Exit, promises to deliver a wonderful mix of romance and humor.

In the first look, YoonA captivates audiences with her portrayal of a woman who exudes rich girl energy, hinting at a character with layers waiting to be revealed. Opposite her, Ahn Bo Hyun’s character is seen catering to her needs, which sparks curiosity about their dynamic relationship.

Check out the teaser image here;

Pretty Crazy follows the story of a woman who harbors an unimaginable secret and a man who embarks on an extraordinary date at 2am. With a unique premise and a talented cast including the charming duo of YoonA and Ahn Bo Hyun, fans can expect a heartwarming and entertaining cinematic experience when Pretty Crazy hits theaters.


More details about Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA’s latest activities

Celebrated for her versatile talents as a singer and actress, YoonA continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with her recent work. In 2023, she co-starred with Lee Junho in the romantic comedy-drama King the Land, captivating audiences with her charm and versatility. The series rose to the top spot on Netflix’s Weekly Global Top 10 in the non-English TV shows category for three consecutive weeks, cementing YoonA’s status as a beloved star both domestically and internationally.

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo Hyun, known for his charismatic screen presence, has left a lasting impression with his recent projects. After his breakthrough in Itaewon Class in 2020, Ahn Bo Hyun has continued to shine in various roles. His performances in Netflix series such as My Name and tvN dramas such as Yumi’s Cells and Military Prosecutor Doberman have received critical acclaim, earning him accolades such as the Excellence Award at the 8th APAN Star Awards. With his continued success, Ahn Bo Hyun remains a rising star in the South Korean entertainment scene, captivating audiences with his talent and charm, as seen in his latest work Flex X Cop.

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