Married at First Sight NZ couple Carmen Stimpson and James Hardy announce pregnancy

Carmen Stimpson, 30, and James Hardy, 34, are one of two couples who found love on the local version of Married At First Sight. Photo / Channel 4

Just weeks before the final season of Married at First Sight New Zealand is about to hit our screens, a former bride and groom have made an adorable announcement.

Carmen Stimpson, 30, and James Hardy, 34, who starred in season three of the local version of the international series, have revealed they are expecting their first child together.

The parents-to-be shared the exciting news on Instagram, saying: “SURPRISE!!! 3 x peas, 1 x pod. I can’t believe we’re almost half way through, we can’t wait to meet you baby GIRLYYYY (sic)”.

They accompanied the announcement with a photo of them on the beach, with Hardy lovingly touching Stimpson’s baby bump.

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Many flocked to the comments section to congratulate the couple, including Samantha Best, who was recently announced as a bride for the 2024 season.

“Aww congratulations girl!” She wrote.

The happy couple met in 2019 during the third season of the hit show, with Stimpson moving from Auckland to Christchurch to live with Hardy shortly after the season ended. The pair are still one of only two couples to have stayed together after the experiment.

Hardy received intense backlash during his time on the show after appearing in an interview with producers and using ‘disgusting’ insults when talking about fellow contestant Vicky Fuller

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In one episode he said: ‘Vicky looks like *** on TV, and she’ll probably always look like *** on TV because she’s so ***, and s***s will be s* *S.”

In the same episode, he told queer contestant Jonathan Trenberth that he was “a bit of a queen”, and said “I’ll probably knock you out soon” to a third contestant, Christopher Wilson.

Expectant parents Carmen Stimpson and James Hardy.
Expectant parents Carmen Stimpson and James Hardy.

Many fans took to X to call out the behavior, with one person writing: “Okay this is disgusting.”

Another added: “A gay man is called a ‘queen’, a woman who tells bullies to shut up is called a ‘s…’ and a ‘diva’ and told to shut up, and two men are just dirty everywhere. . Where are the standards, TV3?”

After receiving complaints about the episode, the show’s then broadcaster, MediaWorks, released a statement saying that it had been preceded by a profanity warning before the show aired.

“We believe that removing the confrontational behavior from last night’s episode would have been unfair to the characters of the people on the show and would have left many unanswered questions for fans.

“The duty of care for all participants in the experiment is paramount and they will all be given unlimited access to a professional therapist during filming and during the broadcast.”

Despite Hardy’s behavior on set, Stimpson responded on Instagram at the time, telling viewers, “Ummmm, is he his own human?”

“Ps I’m the first to tell my boyfriend he shouldn’t have said that, but people make mistakes too so I hope you’re all perfect,” she wrote.

Stimpson later spoke with the Herald in 2020, I confessed that the show was “the best thing that could have happened in my life.”

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“But in saying that, it was also one of the hardest things to go through and I’m so glad Jim and I were able to go through that together.”

Married at First Sight New Zealand premieres on Three and ThreeNow on Sunday, May 26.