Kitimat hosts the first ever Haisla community art exhibition

The Kitimat Museum and Archives held their opening reception for ‘Haisla Artist: An Indigenous Art Exhibition’ on Friday evening.

This is the first-ever all-Haisla community art exhibition for the Kitimat Museum; The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase the talent and culture of the artists and bring the community together, said board chair Katherine Johnsen.

The exhibition features the artwork of 26 artists from the Haisla Nation, covering a wide age range from 18 to 90, and encompassing a variety of art forms from traditional form lines to contemporary and fusion styles.

The exhibition took several months to plan and finance, and according to executive director Louise Avery, each artist will be compensated for their participation. The exhibition runs from May 8 to July 13.

CFNR spoke with Katherine Johnsen and Louise Avery.

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