Parent Advocacy Group Calls on Netflix to Remove ‘Porn Scene’ from ‘A Man in Full’ Limited Drama

Jeff Daniels in Netflix series ‘A Man in Full’

Erik Grünwedel

The Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) called on Netflix on May 14 to remove an allegedly explicit scene from the streamer’s limited drama series, ‘A Man in Full,’ saying it is too sexually explicit, even for the episode’s ‘TV Mature Audience’. (MA)” rating.

Specifically, the sixth episode shows a man’s fully erect penis, according to the PTC.

“Viewers of ‘A Man in Full’ are shocked and dismayed by the inclusion of this graphic scene – which would appear in a pornographic film, not a Netflix series,” said Melissa Henson, VP, Parents Television and Media Council, in a statement.

Henson admits that Netflix liberally applies a “TV-MA” rating to many of its TV shows, even for a few uses of explicit language in a cooking show.

Still, Henson claims the alleged scene crosses the “TV-MA” line, where viewers don’t expect to see something so graphic.

“Netflix should remove this sexually explicit scene now,” she said.

A Netflix representative was not immediately available for comment.