Discover the untold British family roots of the legendary American singer and actress in a new documentary

An exploration of Dolly Parton’s roots in Wales: a journey back to the family heritage

Discovering Dolly Parton’s connection to Wales

Dolly Parton’s fascinating journey to her ancestral roots in Wales

Country legend Dolly Parton is not only known for her incredible music career, but also for her deep connection to her family roots. Although the 9 to 5 star was born in Tennessee, she recently discovered that her ancestors have ties to Wales, specifically the beautiful town of Tenby.

In a revealing TV special to be broadcast next year, Dolly and her family set out to explore the Welsh valleys, known for their rich singing tradition and breathtaking landscapes. Her niece, talented singer Jada Star, told Central Recorder that they have traced their DNA back to Wales and are keen to delve into their family history.

Revealing Dolly’s authentic self

Jada described her famous aunt exactly as you would imagine her to be: warm, glamorous and always impeccably dressed. Despite her superstar status, Dolly is portrayed as a down-to-earth figure who always maintains her glamorous image. Even in the comfort of her own home, she never opts for slippers, preferring to indulge in Frederick’s fluffy Marabou slip-ons with high heels, showcasing her unique sense of style.

In the footsteps of Dolly

Inspired by Dolly’s iconic career, Jada will perform at Glastonbury next month. Jada embraces her aunt’s support and advice and is eager to make her mark on the music scene. Dolly’s memorable performance at the 2014 festival gave her renewed energy and passion and motivated her niece to pursue her own dreams. Jada’s latest single, ‘Keeper of My Heart’, is currently making waves in the music industry.

A legacy of music and inspiration

Dolly Parton’s influence extends far beyond country music and touches the hearts of fans around the world. Her upcoming docuseries will shed light on her family’s heritage and the significance of her Welsh roots. As Dolly and her family prepare for this emotional journey, viewers can expect a glimpse into the beloved singer’s life and the profound impact of reconnecting with one’s heritage.


Dolly Parton’s upcoming exploration of her Welsh roots is a testament to the importance of understanding and honoring one’s heritage. Through music, family and a deep sense of identity, Dolly continues to inspire generations with her timeless talent and unwavering spirit. Join Dolly and her family on this captivating journey as they discover the hidden gems of their ancestral past in the picturesque landscapes of Wales.