Agatha All Around gets official title and premiere date on Disney+

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Photo: Disney+

After months of devious fun, the folks at Disney+ finally locked some things down… and it was Agatha All along.

Remember all the different titles for the Kathryn Hahn-led spinoff WandaVision? Well, it’s clear that this was all an intentional way to get people talking about the show, and it’s led to the point where we are now where an official start date has been announced. Agatha all the time (a reference to the song from the original show) will premiere with the first two episodes on September 18, and from there you’ll see more episodes each week for the rest of the week.

There still aren’t many other details known about how this show will work, but we like the idea that we’re getting a show fronted by someone sinister. Agatha Harkness isn’t your standard MCU name, and we imagine the show will be devious, crazy, and of course dark on many occasions. There’s also Aubrey Plaza here, and honestly, the idea of ​​her appearing in a show about witchcraft feels as perfect as perfect can be.

Overall we just remain happy with what we get Agatha all the time Especially considering that Marvel and Disney currently seem to be on different trajectories when it comes to the MCU, limiting themselves to fewer films and shows per year, when we honestly don’t think that was necessarily the problem. Instead, it was the quality of some of it – and perhaps the insurmountable budgets – that meant each one had to be a huge hit. This universe might have a hard time reaching the top Avengers: Endgame, but is that really so bad in the end?

What are you most looking forward to right now when it comes to Agatha all the time at Disney+?

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