Jimmy Kimmel Unveils AI Bob Iger, Predicts Disney/WBD Bundle Will Be ‘Streaming Pile of S**t’

Jimmy Kimmel is without a doubt the highlight of the TV show every year; 2024 was no exception.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host left no stone unturned in his annual profane and ruthless takedown of anything Disney (and everyone else in Hollywood) wants to sell to advertisers. This year including the new Disney+ bundle with Hulu and Max, Netflix finally kissed the asses of said advertisers, the AMPTP, “The Golden Bachelor,” and found a catchy new name for the sports streaming service that Disney is working on with Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery.

He kicked things off with a big announcement: Bob Iger’s successor at Disney as CEO is… an artificially intelligent Bob Iger clone. AIger.

“Bob isn’t going anywhere anymore,” Kimmel said. “We uploaded it to the cloud so that we can live in peace and prosperity under the vigilant AI of the Iger. Everyone welcome AIger!