Greg Olsen’s Fox role comes into focus following the arrival of Tom Brady


Greg Olsen will have a relatively well-known broadcast partner this football season.

Fox Sports has strengthened Olsen’s obvious pairing with Joe Davis on the network’s No. 2 NFL announcing team, sources told The Post.

Olsen previously worked with Kevin Burkhardt on the top team, but Tom Brady joins that booth as color commentator after spending a gap year between his final NFL season in 2022 and taking on his role as announcer.

Greg Olsen has been Fox’s chief NFL analyst. Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Olsen and Davis have worked together in the past when Burkhardt was out for Fox MLB’s postseason hosting responsibilities.

In addition to his NFL job, Davis succeeded Joe Buck as the voice of the World Series in 2022.

Davis worked last season with former Cowboys great Daryl “Moose” Johnston, who is currently the executive vice president of football operations for the UFL.

A spokesperson for Fox Sports declined to comment.

Fox Sports has traditionally had a great eye for identifying and training talent in its sports activities and signed Olsen in 2021.

Olsen will now be paired with Joe Davis (above) on the No. 2 Fox broadcast. Getty Images

He and Burkhardt teamed up on the No. 2 team that season, then rose to the top spot when Buck and Troy Aikman left the network to call “Monday Night Football” on ESPN.

Olsen quickly became a top-level color commentator who was critically acclaimed throughout the sports media industry.

Burkhardt and Olsen were making the call for Super Bowl 2023 in Arizona when the Chiefs defeated the Eagles.

During the 2022 offseason, Fox announced that Brady would eventually become the top color commentator on the network, introducing him earlier this week at the Upfronts event.

Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt worked together on Fox Sports NFL coverage for the past three seasons. AP

The Post previously reported that Brady’s deal with Fox is worth a total of $375 million over 10 years.

Speaking to Rich Eisen last February, Olsen said he was aware of the deal Brady would expect when he originally signed on to move up to the top team in 2022, but is nevertheless proud of what he and Burkhardt’ put on tape’.

“My goal is to call No. 1 matches. That hasn’t changed. I’m even more committed to following that path,” Olsen said, noting at the time that the plan “from now on” was for him to work with Davis.

“I’ve been honest with Fox and they’ve been straight with me. I want to mention top games. I want to call Super Bowls. Games for 115 million people. That’s where the magic and excitement is. No different than as a player. No one ever signs up as a player and just says, “I’m glad I’m on the team.” That’s not my style… How that all turns out, as we all know, you can’t predict this industry, but I enjoyed doing it.”

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