Exhibition by local artist group opens at Marion Council on Aging

MARION — An oil painting of a pair of pears could be the subject of the Marion Council on Aging in May and June.

The painting by Wareham resident Susan Youngs hangs at the Marion Council on Aging in the Cushing Community Center as part of a Bourne-Wareham Art Association art exhibit. It was opened on Friday, May 10.

Youngs’ painting of the two ‘buff’ pears, aptly titled ‘Pair of Pears’, is one of three pieces she has on display as part of the exhibition.

Also on display by Youngs is an abstract acrylic casting and an oil on board painting of a jellyfish.

“I just really enjoy painting them,” Youngs said of the latest jellyfish work. ‘They are beautiful. They are transparent. I just think they’re beautiful.”

“Deadly Encounter” has a wooden frame made by Youngs. She said she used strapping tape to make the frame.

“I’m completely scouring it,” Youngs said. “When you feel them, they are just beautiful to touch.”

The Bourne-Wareham Art Association’s exhibit at the Marion Council on Aging has no theme, said Patricia White, the president of the 60-year-old local artist group.

White said she has four oil paintings that are part of the exhibit at the community center.

“It’s a great place to have artwork, and I’m very grateful that we can exhibit there,” she said.