Spider Horror ‘Sting’ moves to digital

The chilling new movie Lurch is about to be released. It tells the arachniphobia-inducing story of a young girl and the monsters she befriends.

Meet Charlotte, a twelve-year-old girl whose imagination is her escape from the harsh reality of her life. Surrounded by a family that feels distant, she finds solace in comic books. A mysterious object flashes across the night sky and a seemingly harmless spider lands on her fire escape. But as their bond blossoms, so does the spider, transforming from a curious pet into a terrifying predator.

The film’s chilling synopsis paints a picture of escalating terror. Disappearing pets, panicked whispers and the realization that a monstrous arachnid is stalking the building. The boundary between her imaginary world of superheroes and the gruesome reality becomes blurred.

Director Kiah Roache-Turner helmets Lurch, featuring a talented cast including Ryan Corr (“House of the Dragon”), Alyla Browne (Three Thousand Years of Longing) and Penelope Mitchell (Hellboy). Expect incredible practical effects created by the five-time Academy Award® winner Weta workshopled by the legendary Richard Taylor (Blade Runner 2049, King Kong).

While Lurch promises a thrilling and terrifying cinematic experience, it’s more than a monster movie. It explores themes of family, isolation, and the unexpected courage that can arise when faced with unimaginable threats.

Lurch creeping towards EST May 14, Digital on May 28, and Blu-ray and DVD on July 30 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Bonus content includes three behind-the-scenes featurettes detailing “Creating the Monster,” “The Director,” and “The Cast.”