All Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons and returners

IN THE LIGHT WEAPONS WEAPON TYPE ARMS COUNTRY WEAPON ELEMENT Blast furnace Pulse rifle Third column: Zen Moment, Snapshot, Shoot to Loot, Keep Away, Perpetual Motion, Kinetic Tremors and Headseeker.
Fourth column: Kill Clip, Firefly, One for All, Frenzy, Rampage, Rapid Hit and Desperate Measures Kinetic Edge penetration Grenade launcher Third column: Chain Reaction, Cascade Point, Pulse Booster, Field Preparation, Ambitious Assassin, Jealous Assassin, and Repulsor Race
Fourth column: Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Deconstruction, One for All, Bait and Switch, Full Court and Explosive Light Emptiness Elsie’s gun Pulse rifle Third Column: Feeding Frenzy, Zen Moment, Repulsor Brace, Loose Change, Keep Away, Under-Over and Rewind Rounds
Fourth column: Adrenaline Junkie, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Kill Clip, Desperado, Desperate Measures and Headseeker Emptiness Tolerance Grenade launcher Third column: Relentless, Stats for Everyone, Wrecker, Ambitious Killer, Surplus, Steady Hands, and Disruption Pause
Fourth column: Wellspring, Golden Tricorn, One for All, Bait and Switch, Chain Reaction, Rampage and Desperate Measures Bow Falling guillotine Sword Third Column: Vorpal Weapon, Ruthless Attacks, Repulsor Brace, Frenzy, Attrition Orbs, Chain Reaction and Duelist’s Trance
Fourth Column: Surrounded, Whirlwind Blade, Destabilizing Rounds, Eager Edge, Bait and Switch, Sword Logic, and Desperate Measures. Emptiness Hung jury SR4 Scout rifle Third column: Rewind Rounds, Lighted Action, Kinetic Vibration, Quick Hit, Shoot to Loot, No Distraction, and Loose Change
Fourth column: One for all, Cascade Point, Box Breathing, Firefly, Precision Instrument, Desperate Measures and Explosive Rounds Kinetic Hammerhead shark Machine gun Third column: Feeding Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Envious Assassin, Rampage, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Rewind Rounds and Under-Over.
Fourth column: Surrounded, High Impact Reserves, Target Lock, Attack, Death Count, Desperate Measures and Tap the Trigger. Emptiness Midnight coup Hand cannon Third column: Outlaw, Firefly, Shoot to Loot, Explosive Payload, Moving Target, Attrition Orbs and Enlightened Action
Fourth column: Rampage, Kinetic Tremors, Zen Moment, One for All, Frenzy, Opening Shot and Desperate Measures Kinetic Luna’s cry Hand cannon Third column: Eye of the Storm, Subsistence, Discord, Encore, Slideshot, Enlightened Action and Heal Clip
Fourth column: Beautiful Howl, Kill Clip, Light Bulb, Desperate Measures, Opening Shot, Precision Instrument, and Harmony. Solar Succession Sniper rifle Third column: Moving Target, No Distraction, Lead of Gold, Reconstruction, Firmly Planted, Demolitionist and Discord.
Fourth column: Snapshot sights, redirection, recombination, Vorpal weapon, focused rage, line of fire, chest breathing, and desperate measures. Kinetic The mountain top Grenade launcher Third column: Ambitious Killer, Pulse Booster, Demolitionist, Lead Out of Gold, Slickdraw, Autoloading Holster, and Overflow.
Fourth column: Rampage, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie, One for All, Harmony, Recombination and Frenzy Kinetic The hermit Submachine gun Third column: Feeding Frenzy, Enlightened Action, Subsistence, Threat Detector, Repulsor Brace, Hip-Fire Grip and Dynamic Sway Reduction.
Fourth column: Master of Arms, Target Lock, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Surrounded, Tap the Trigger and Desperate Measures. Emptiness